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    Kristina Curtis

    Kristina is an exciting fitness enthusiast. After spending years in a sedentary job and gaining 40+lbs, Kristina took control of her health and fitness using various forms of exercise and creative cooking. That experience made her want to help others achieve their personal health and fitness goals.


      Best Watches for Nurses

      By Kristina Curtis

      A watch is a tool that a lot of nurses can make use of. But finding a watch for a nurse can be difficult as there are a few things we need to consider. The best watches for nurses should be waterproof, unobtrusive, and easy to read. Waterproof is important since nurses are constantly washing […]


        Nike Dance Sneakers for Zumba

        By Kristina Curtis

        Zumba is an incredible fitness system that gets you in shape while energizing and uplifting you. However, it’s important to have the correct footwear. The good news is that wearing well-fitting shoes that support and cushion your feet can really reduce the risk of foot injuries. This means that you can continue to Zumba while […]


          Best Zumba DVD [Detailed Reviews]

          By Kristina Curtis

          Let’s face it, who doesn’t know the benefits of regular exercise? However, we’ve all been there – those days when the only thing you want to do is to slump in front of the TV with some snacks, and the idea of going to the gym, quite frankly, bores you to tears. So what’s the […]


            Best Compression Socks for Nurses

            By Kristina Curtis

            Ever experience lower leg fatigue from being on your feet all day? As nurses, you save lives, but at the expense of your legs. Many nurses think the fulfillment of their job make it worth it if it means another saved, healthy life. But, still. Those calves are sore, aren’t they? There’s an easy way […]


              Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet [Reviews]

              By Kristina Curtis

              Playing tennis is one of the best exercises that you can do. It burns calories; it uses muscles in every part of the cost, and it costs very little to develop as a hobby. All you need is a court and a pair of best tennis shoes for flat feet that can handle the terrain.However, […]


                Best Scrubs for Nurses | Reviews and Comparison

                By Kristina Curtis

                When it comes to professional uniforms, you want to make sure to have the comfiest, most practical outfit to help you do your job efficiently. This is especially true for nurses. The best scrubs for nurses should be of a comfortable material, fit well, and have pockets to store items. We should take great consideration […]


                  Best Insoles for Flat Feet [Comfort and Pain Relief]

                  By Kristina Curtis

                  Flat feet are a real pain, aren’t they? Pronation, lack of arch support, even conditions like plantar fasciitis ail those of us with flat feet. A lot of the times, it’s genetic. Other times, it’s due to the activities we engage in. But we shouldn’t have to suffer either way! Custom orthotics can really break […]


                    Best New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis [Reviews]

                    By Kristina Curtis

                    If you’re looking for a supportive walking shoe, look no further than the New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis on this list. As you know, anyone with a difficult foot condition has a hard time finding shoes catered to their needs. Those of us with plantar fasciitis do not underestimate the value of a quality […]


                      Best Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis in 2018

                      By Kristina Curtis

                      Working in the blue-collar field can take a toll on your feet. You’re up all day transporting heavy materials and working in dangerous environments.As if the job wasn’t hard enough, foot conditions like plantar fasciitis can make it even more difficult with nagging pain in your arches.I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have […]

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