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    Top 50 Weight Loss Blogs You Should Be Following in 2017

    By Kristina Curtis

    Trying to lose weight can be a frustrating concept at times, but there is plenty of support on the Internet. But, some blogs are more helpful than others. Sifting through all these blogs on your own can be a challenge too. Check out our exclusive list of the best weight loss blogs to help you […]


      Top 50 Health and Fitness College Blogs To Follow in 2017

      By Kristina Curtis

      There are a lot of blogs out there claiming to promote health and fitness. There are also a lot of these blogs that lack accurate information. So, who do you know who to trust? Our exclusive list of blogs will help you find the best health and fitness blogs run by trusted institutions. Following these […]


        Best Work Shoes for Flat Feet

        By Kristina Curtis

        In our professional lives, we all want to put our best foot forward. Shoes are a key component of our appearance. As the saying goes, “always judge a man by his shoes”. However, what to do if you’re one of the roughly 30% of the population with flat feet? Are you prone to over-pronating your […]


          Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet [Reviews]

          By Kristina Curtis

          Playing tennis is one of the best exercises that you can do. It burns calories; it uses muscles in every part of the cost, and it costs very little to develop as a hobby. All you need is a court and a pair of best tennis shoes for flat feet that can handle the terrain.However, […]


            Best Sneakers for Flat Feet Reviews

            By Kristina Curtis

            Looking for a pair of sneakers to wear on your casual days off hanging out with friends or running errands? Should be easy enough to find, right? Except you have flat feet that require a bit more arch support and stabilizing features. Not so easy… …until you found this list! Believe me, I understand the […]


              Best Insoles for Flat Feet [Comfort and Pain Relief]

              By Kristina Curtis

              Flat feet are a real pain, aren’t they? Pronation, lack of arch support, even conditions like plantar fasciitis ail those of us with flat feet. A lot of the times, it’s genetic. Other times, it’s due to the activities we engage in. But we shouldn’t have to suffer either way! Custom orthotics can really break […]


                Best New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis [Reviews]

                By Kristina Curtis

                If you’re looking for a supportive walking shoe, look no further than the New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis on this list. As you know, anyone with a difficult foot condition has a hard time finding shoes catered to their needs. Those of us with plantar fasciitis do not underestimate the value of a quality […]


                  Best Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis in 2017

                  By Kristina Curtis

                  Working in the blue-collar field can take a toll on your feet. You’re up all day transporting heavy materials and working in dangerous environments.As if the job wasn’t hard enough, foot conditions like plantar fasciitis can make it even more difficult with nagging pain in your arches.I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have […]


                    Best Shoes for Flat Feet in 2017 [Reviews & Comparison]

                    By Kristina Curtis

                    Over 30% of people have flat feet. I know, I thought I was alone as well.As someone who has gone through the pain of flat, pronating, feet, I know what a good pair of shoes can mean. That’s why I’m sharing with you, my flat-footed companion, some of the best running shoes for flat feet.Those […]


                      Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in 2017 [Reviews]

                      By Kristina Curtis

                      Tennis is a game of quick starts and stops, explosive sprints, fast pivots and side-to-side motion. The repetitive pounding your feet take out on the tennis court leads to stiff arches and heel pain.The excessive workouts cause the ligaments on the bottom of your foot swell. The soreness or redness that makes walking difficult is […]

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