The story behind this site.

Hi! My name is Eugene.

From secondary school, I had a problem with weight ā€“ anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds.
As a software developer almost all my life I spend the vast majority of my time passively sitting in a chair staring at the computer display.
Physical inactivity led to the accumulation of fat, lower back pain and varicose veins on the right leg.
I was in good shape only when I was playing soccer two times per week and building a shed and deck in my backyard.
One day I decided enough is enough and started looking for solutions.
Iā€™m not a big fan of running on the street especially when raining, snowing or deadly cold.
Going to the gym also is not an option. It takes much time to get there, take a shower, go back to home.
Also, I like to be free, not depend on someone or something.

So I decided to give a chance and buy stationary exercise bike so I can put it in my basement and ride it when I want.
During my research, I found so much interesting and useful information so I decided to create a website where I can share it with other people.


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