Top 50 Nursing Blogs You Should Follow in 2017

best nursing blogs

Nursing is one of the most demanding vocations around. Nurses have to deal with life and death on a daily basis.

Beyond that, they’re expected to embody resilience, compassion and courage, while simultaneously presenting rock-solid professionalism to both doctors and patients.

The truth is they’re often unsung heroes and heroines who don’t expect applause or glory, because as far as everyone’s concerned, they’re just doing their job.

The world of nursing blogs covers every conceivable topic. You can find recommendations for the best nursing shoes, mugs with nursing quotes on them and opinions on the “only” stethoscope to use. In stark contrast to that, you’ll also read blogs on how to comfort a dying patient’s relatives, how to help an elderly lady empty her bladder and the insanity of an ER room.

So who are our modern day Florence Nightingales and Mary Seacoles?

You’ll find them in these blogs, which offer an incredible insight into the thoughts and feelings of those people who have dedicated their lives to serving others through nursing.

So here are our picks for the best 50 nursing blogs for 2017. They are a fascinating glimpse into the reality of being at the sharp end of the healthcare profession.

Be warned, though! Reading them may make you feel that everything else is a bit superficial. I certainly found myself feeling in awe of nurses and what they do.

     Nurse Practitioner named #2 in Top 100 jobs
     by U.S. News and World Report

ER Nurses Care Blog


Leslie Block has worked in the healthcare field for 30 years. Her award-winning blog tackles a diverse range of topics. From her thought-provoking musings about addiction in the US and how it affects ER departments, to information about injury prevention and articles on aromatherapy and stress relief, Leslie’s upbeat tone makes everything highly readable. However, she’s not shy about discussing more controversial healthcare topics, such as child vaccination. All in all, her blog is both informative and entertaining in equal measure.

Digital Doorway


Who cares for the carers? This blog answers that question. It’s an encyclopedic compilation of posts all based on the premise that for nurses to function effectively, they need to ensure that their own health and wellbeing is a priority. Having a clear career path is part of this equation.

The blog was set up by Nurse Keith, a career coach who wants nurses to feel that they’re flourishing and well supported in their careers. Philosophical in tone, many of the blog posts are written in such a way to help any nurse reading form a clearer idea of what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how to take it forward.

You’ll also find The Nurse Keith Show on the blog - a podcast with fascinating titles like “Finding the Center of your Nurse Identity”.

This blog is essential reading (or listening!) for any nurse who wants to progress their career, and who also understands the importance of maintaining their own equilibrium in such a demanding profession.



Clearly, Renee Thompson the author of this blog cares deeply about both nursing and the state of nursing today. The blog’s cheerful colors belies its profound content. You’ll find posts about professional development, anti-bullying and the importance of maintaining standards of integrity to keep nursing at the top of its game. Renee’s position on many aspects of nurses is intelligently articulated on this blog. It’s a powerful and moving read. She personifies what we all expect nurses to be: caring; conscientious and trustworthy.

Nurse Practitioner Business Owners


This blog serves a variety of purposes. It was set up by Barbara C. Phillips to cater to the needs of Nurse Practitioners who are also entrepreneurial and running businesses in the healthcare field. There’s a wealth of information on the blog about publications, services and software packages to help your business grow.

Nursing Notes of Discord


Nurse Enid’s no-holds-barred, warts-n-all blog is a compelling, sometimes upsetting, read. Working on a Psych Ward, she details the backbiting, professional incompetence and bitter politics that characterize her workplace. You feel for her as she battles to provide the quality of care and attention to her patients that she believes they deserve.

Nursing@Simmons Nursing Blog


This nursing blog is a fantastic resource. It contains posts on an eclectic range of topics, from genetic testing to lists of available nursing scholarships. The blog’s aim is clearly to keep nursing at the cutting edge. It also highlights the fact that as the population ages, nursing is going to be even more important.

ANS: Advances in Nursing Science Blog


This thought provoking blog is an online addition to the print journal “Advances in Nursing Science”. Academic in tone, its aim is to contribute to the evolution of nursing knowledge. This blog’s content recognizes the fact that nursing is a profession in which ethics, philosophy and self-awareness all play an important role.

The Nerdy Nurse


As the title suggests, this blog from Brittney Wilson is obsessed with all matters nursing. It’s full of product reviews, quotes and even information about how to start a successful blog. It’s a light-hearted but entertaining read and takes the minutiae of nurses’ lives seriously. Need a mug with a good nursing quote? You’ll find all that information, and more, here.

Grief Healing


Society often shies away from the topic of grief. It’s not until you’ve lost someone that you realize how much we’re collectively in denial about this emotion - an emotion that nurses have to deal with on a regular basis. Marty Tousley generously shares her experience from her time as a grief counselor at a hospice, as well as compiling other web resources. Essential reading for the bereaved, or those who have to offer support to the grieving.

The Nursing Site Blog


Chosen as one of the Top 10 Blogs for Nurses in 2016 by the National CPR Association, this passionate blog from Kathy Quan is a great reference tool. It offers quality professional advice and career development information. Kathy also articulates some strong opinions. She’s upfront about her belief that Obamacare - although not perfect - is a healthcare innovation that needs to be protected.

The Nursing Site


This website’s chock full of clear-headed and valuable information about nursing procedures, the history of nursing and the issues in nursing that are currently headline news. There’s also a section discussing time management skills for nurses. The site’s easy and logical to navigate, so the sheer depth and amount of content are never overwhelming.



Set up by NurseSally, this is a dynamic and inspiring blog full of thought provoking content. Her desire is to see Advance Practice Registered Nurses accepted at the same peer level as other doctoral level professionals. Beyond that, the blog offers a comprehensive index of resources about health conditions that nurses come into contact with.

Frugal Nurse


Health-care can be incredibly costly. The Frugal Nurse shares her money-saving, insider knowledge e.g. how to economize if you’re going to visit a specialist or ways to keep healthy and therefore save money. There’s also an examination of some of the issues at large regarding the relationship between healthcare and money. The blog is informative, sometimes eye-opening, and extremely helpful.

Noggin Blog


This highly respected blog for nurses and healthcare educators provides information in a clearcut, digestible way. It lays out in very straightforward manner why it’s beneficial to nurses to gain additional nursing qualifications and training. There’s also other diverse and inspiring content, ranging from ideas for nursing lesson plans to lists of nursing book must-reads.

On The Pulse


This is the John Hopkins School of Nursing blog. As to be expected from such a globally prestigious institution, it covers topics of a more international nature. This blog is the one to read if you want to consider nursing in a broader context, as it takes into account wider humanitarian concerns that aren’t necessarily immediately associated with the domestic nursing profession.

Nursing@USC Blog


This is the University of Southern California’s Department of Nursing blog, which obviously caters specifically to faculty students, but combines that with some hard-hitting blog posts that are of interest to anyone in the nursing profession. It’s refreshingly frank about some of the health crises facing the US and discusses what contribution nursing can make to manage these. All in all, a valuable read.

Calling All Nurses


This blog aims to help student nurses thrive at nursing school, and prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). There are posts on a multitude of subjects, including how to survive the challenges of the medical-surgical nursing training and tips on how to do well at job interviews. The blog has a chatty tone, but its most important message is letting student nurses know that they’re not out there on their own.

Rasmussen College School of Nursing Blog


This is a compilation of blog posts from Rasmussen College’s School of Nursing thought leaders. Generally, the posts aren’t afraid to say it how it is, which means the challenges of nursing are openly and honestly discussed. This means there’s no having to read between the lines and the content is refreshingly balanced. This leaves you, as the reader, feeling properly informed.

Marian University - Accelerated Nursing Blog


This blog gives an honest insight into what it means to be at nursing school and, more specifically, what it’s like if you want to change career or do a nursing conversion course after completing a non-nursing degree. There’s a persuasive tone to the blog - after all, there’s a nursing shortage - and it really sells the idea that nursing is a career you wouldn’t want to miss out on.



The Lipincott NursingCenterⓇ’s blog is a treasure trove of nursing information. The posts are technical in nature, so it’s a great learning resource. It also lists Nursing Recognition Dates so perfect for raising public awareness of a specific nursing topic. There’s also a post on relevant nursing events and conferences.

The Chamberlain Blog


The Chamberlain College of Nursing blog is a friendly read. It gives a good feel for the college itself. You’ll also find titbits like which Chamberlain nurses to follow on Instagram. There are also a lot of nurses’ testimonials which are an interesting read if you want the inside track. It’s a professional yet accessible blog.



If it’s all getting too serious, The Gomer Blog is there to make you smile again. Calling itself “Medical Satire”, it mercilessly mocks serious topics. You’ll find yourself chuckling away as you read the cheeky posts. Nothing is sacred. Particularly amusing is the graphic “should I go to nursing school?”!

DiversityNursing Blog


This blog describes itself as ‘niche”. It’s full of upbeat nursing stories. It’s a heartwarming read and, as such, strongly promotes the nursing profession. There are also posts about more complex issues, including the impact of racism on public health. The blog is a good mix of the positive and pertinent.

Nursing Assistant Guides


This blog focuses on raising awareness, via Awareness Months. This is a good starting point if you want to learn more about medical or mental health conditions. Celeste Botonakis, the blog’s author, also recognizes that nurses need to care for themselves. There are good posts on relaxation techniques, nutrition and how to counteract depression.

The Nursing Show


These engaging podcasts are designed to help nurses broaden their skills. They cover a varied range of topics. The podcasts make the content come alive by presenting it in an entertaining way. There are also interviews with experts on all kinds of subjects. This blog is a great destination to ensure your nursing knowledge is up-to-date.

Yoga Nurse


Annette Tersigni, the Yoga Nurse, understands the cost of stress. Many nurses burn-out because of the demands of the job. Yoga is one easy way to counteract this stress. The blog has a focus on yoga and meditation. It also shows that stress offers Registered Nurses a way to create more income by teaching others how to avoid it.

Head Nurse


This UK based blog is well written and powerful. The anonymous author documents the highs and lows of both nursing and her life. It’s a real page-turner as she narrates the extraordinary stories from her career. She also isn’t afraid to criticize management behavior, discuss politics or question process.

Nurse Power!


Donna Cardillo, the blog’s author, calls herself The Inspiration Nurse. It’s easy to see why. The blog’s a blend of empowering posts and professional common sense. If you’re a nurse feeling in need of a confidence boost, this is for you. There’s also information on combining being a nurse with being an entrepreneur.

Travel Nursing Blogs


Love nursing? Love travel? This blog shows you how to combine both for the life of your dreams. It’s written by people who’ve already done it. You’ll find tips on the nitty gritty, like how to get the right contracts. The truth? You might just spend all of your time browsing through the dreamy travel photo galleries!


This blog is Lorry Schoenly’s unique observation into the world of nurses who work with the criminal justice system. Warm in tone, the posts are fascinating. Lorry relates to her patients as human beings, despite their criminal backgrounds. She discusses the important lessons she’s learned from working in prisons and reflects on how it’s helped her be a better nurse.

The Gypsy Nurse


As the name suggests, this blog is written by Candy AKA The Gypsy Nurse, who’s worked all over the US. It’s a mix of professional and travel advice. You’ll also find a helpful job search function and hospital reviews. There’s a focus on the issues traveling nurses need to be aware of. That’s why there are posts on taxation, housing and legal matters.

Florence Nightingale and the Machine


Jonathan Branney, a nurse based at a hospital in Bournemouth, UK, writes this blog. It approaches a wide variety of topics in a deceptively lighthearted tone. His posts are sometimes quite technical and specific, and always thoughtful. Jonathan’s interested in the role nutrition plays in patients’ recovery. He’s also a trained chiropractor.

AIT: Nursing & Health Library Blog


This UK based blog is a mix of articles from external sources and some original posts. The one thing all the articles have in common is that they’re very interesting. So in one post you’ll learn about why nurses are crucial to a stroke victim’s recovery. In another you’ll be shown how to foster good habits in yourself.

madness: tales of an emergency room nurse


If you’ve ever wondered how ER nurses do it, wonder no more. This blog is an unvarnished view of the reality of dealing with ER emergencies. The anonymous author pulls no punches and it’s understandable why their patience is running low. This blog demonstrates the contribution ER nurses make to society. We should all be hugely grateful.

Off the Charts: blog of the American Journal of Nursing


The American Journal of Nursing’s blog is a sober and thoughtful affair. It’s a go-to resource if you want serious but sensible nursing discourse. Topics discussed include current issues in nursing, medical conditions and nursing ethics. The blog’s tone is rational, trustworthy and calm. If you’re looking for an answer about nursing, you’ll probably find it here.

Elizabeth Scala. Nursing from Within


Reading Elizabeth Scala’s blog is like talking to a good friend about your troubles. Having been a psych nurse, she fully understands all the problems of being a nurse. Her blog is full of supportive, empathetic and kindly advice. She writes about how to flourish as a nurse, and avoid burnout. There are also some interesting guest posts.

Old FoolRN


This blog is a nursing memoir written by a retired RN. It uses acerbic humor to transport the reader to the operating table. The writing style’s sophisticated and literary. Beware - there are some punchy visuals in the blog. Squeamish readers should use caution. The photo of the ovarian cystic teratoma is really something!

My Strong Medicine


This is a blog written by Sean, an acute care NP. The blog focuses on providing mentoring to nurses through relevant content. Sean also did a 365-day vlog challenge on a variety of topics. His Vlog on ‘Student Survival: Tips & Tricks” was voted the most helpful. The blog’s positive tone is supportive and understanding.

Confident Voices in Healthcare


One of the vital skills of nursing is being able to communicate clearly. The aim of Confident Voices in Healthcare is to improve the communication skills of people working in the healthcare professions. This is achieved through a variety of workshops, including the cutting edge Medical Improv. Well worth a read if you’d like to be able to speak up with confidence.



Would you know what to do if your patient started crying? If not, don’t fret. Kati Kleber started her blog to help newly registered and student nurses navigate the profession. Her blog boasts an impressive collection of topics that aren’t immediately obvious. Once you see them, though, it’s obvious they need talking about.

The Happy Medic


Justin writes this blog. It’s a collection of nursing anecdotes that read like thrillers. His style is super readable. This blog gives the layperson a real insight into the type of daily decisions that medics have to make. There’s also a podcast that’s for the most intellectual heavyweight among us.

Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose


Nurse Barb responded to friends’ requests for health advice by starting this blog. Her aim is to translate complicated medical knowledge so it becomes easy to understand and apply. You’ll find useful advice for all age groups. Whether you want to know what to feed athletic teens, or how to look after seniors in the heat, it’s all here.



The Nursetopia blog is written by an oncology nurse. It’s a deeply respectful look at the profession. Motivated by a desire to share her love of nursing, there are personal reflections on her life as a nurse. There are also posts, which take a more objective look at the profession. It’s an entertaining, sometimes emotional, read served with a healthy dose of humor.



Nurse Beth processes her experiences as a nurse by writing about them in this blog. Her stories are, by turn, tragic, miraculous and moving. They’re also beautifully written. There’s career advice, tips on how to pass exams and simply, how to become a better nurse. This is an exceptional nursing blog.


Jon Haws set up the NRSNG blog as an educational resource. It’s down to earth and straightforward. You’ll learn the small details that will make all the difference. Many of the tips are shared from experience and designed to make a nurse’s life less stressful. There are also podcasts with guest contributors.

Infusion Nurse


This is a fairly technical nursing blog. It has an emphasis on infusion nursing, vascular access and infusion therapies. If you’re a nurse and specializing in any of these topics, you’ll find it a gold-mine of information. Despite the impenetrable medical jargon, there are also more accessible posts that have a friendly and outgoing tone.


Sarah Beth Cowherd is a registered nurse. She also suffers from an autoimmune condition called CIDP. Her unique perspective gives her blog that extra dimension. She writes extensively on the big issues. The way she chronicles her illness, and accompanying depression, is brutally honest. She also recounts her scandalous treatment by her healthcare insurance provider.

International Nurse Support


This is a mentoring blog for nurses. It covers a wide spectrum of subjects, with posts written by different guest authors. The main theme is professional development and empowerment. Most of the content is based on coaching principles, combined with some career-specific advice. There’s also a section called Minority Nurse.

Nurse Alice


Nurse Alice is a cardiac clinical nurse specialist with a strong media presence. Her blog is full of informative posts about nutrition and lifestyle tips. She also hosts a vlog where she discusses health issues with celebrities like Dr. Oz, or interviews actors about their health. The blog is glamorous with a magazine feel, which makes it fun to browse.

Minding The Bedside


Jerome Stone has put together this blog to help nurses cope with the inevitable stresses of the job. Its main aim is to educate about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Jerome’s writing on nursing and meditation is particularly interesting. He makes a strong scientific case for including mindfulness practices in nursing.

The Social Nurse


This blog makes you realize why both social media and content management are important to nursing. Nursing, like any other profession, needs to keep evolving. To do this, it needs to keep up to date with communication. And it’s important for nurses to have a certain amount of tech savvy too. This blog shows you how.

JParadisi RN's Blog


This is a very readable blog. Juliana, the blog’s author, has a particular way with words that leaves you wanting more. She combines being an oncology nurse navigator with being an award-winning artist. Her posts are musings on nursing, art and life. The philosophical feel to her blog is hugely enjoyable.

Nurse Nacole


Nurse Nacole has a very cheery appearance, with a smiling cartoon nurse. So it’s a shock to realize it’s crammed with highly professional, technical content! This is a great blog to gen up on medications and conditions - what Nurse Nacole calls ‘the Fundamentals’. The information is given in bite-sized pieces, so it’s easily digestible.

The Balanced Nurse Blog


This blog documents Eileen’s journey as a nurse. But it’s so much more than that. She talks about life, death and politics. In that sense, there’s a strong spiritual component to this blog. There’s also an extraordinary post about a traumatic accident she herself suffered while traveling. It’s a very powerful blog. Recommended reading for any nurse wanting to find peace with what they’re doing.

Big Red Carpet Nursing


Greg Mercer is a psychiatric nurse who also loves comedy. His blog focuses on nursing in psychiatric care. It also explores the perspective of someone with mental illness. The blog has a unique feel. The posts are inquisitive, philosophical, sometimes quirky and sometimes eccentric. Greg often makes profound points in a humorous way. It’s a valuable read if you’re looking for deeper insight into psychiatric healthcare.

Nursing Stories


Marianne Crane, a retired gerontological nurse practitioner, is the author of this blog. At times intense, Marianne is poetical in the way she writes about nursing. She conveys the shadows of the profession well. She also talks about aging and what that means for the nurses. By doing this, she’s simultaneously exploring what that means on a more existential level for everyone.

Nurse Advocate


Anne Llewellyn writes this award winning blog. Her intelligence, experience and compassion are evident in her thoughtful and profound posts. She covers many nursing topics, including how to confront medical errors. The most emotionally powerful posts deal with her diagnosis of a brain tumor. She discusses how she got through the diagnosis, surgery and aftermath. It’s brave, inspiring stuff.

Straight A Nursing Student


With its confident title, Maureen Osuna’s blog sets out to share her nursing knowledge as generously as possible. You’ll find her nursing notes on chemistry, surgery and mental health, among others. There’s also a downloadable nursing school planner. You’ll find podcasts on medical conditions and nursing processes too. If you also want to be a Straight A nurse, you should read this blog.

Wrapping It Up

It’s no surprise that nursing is an emotionally complex and challenging profession.

However, it’s encouraging to find that there are so many nursing blogs out there that offer an extra dimension of support and encouragement to those on the frontline of patient care. The majority of these blogs offer an opportunity for reflection and understanding that nurses might not otherwise find in their day-to-day lives.

Beyond that, these blogs focus on innovation in communication and professional development in a way that means nurses can be inspired by all the different and exciting opportunities available to them.

It’s all compelling. After reading these blogs, you will have infinite respect for what nurses do, the knowledge that they have and the sacrifices they make. These blogs will make you rethink every subsequent hospital visit you make.

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  3. Great to see this list, From Australia I recommend The nurse Path as a wonderful resource ( previously known as impacted nurse) and as a sad note Head nurse (from Texas not the UK I think) has hung up her shingle much to the disappointment of those who have been following her.

  4. Great showcase of nurse bloggers! Thank you for putting it together! I always love finding new nursing blogs! I’ve been trying to start up my own just from all the experience. Such a wonderful extensive list!


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