Top 60 Vegan Blogs To Follow For Inspiration In 2017

best vegan blog
best vegan blogs

Going vegan is a bold choice and it can be hard to find good recipes and support in this area. Lucky for you, though, our exclusive list of the best vegan blogs is here to help.

With 60 blogs to keep you going through 2017, you'll find recipes and advice that will help you all year long.

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Healthy Happy Life

1 - Healthy Happy Life

This blog has what every vegan is looking for: recipes that taste delicious. Going vegan doesn't mean giving up good food and this blog is out to prove it. With delicious recipes to keep you going through the year, not one meal will be dull.

FatFree Vegan

2 - FatFreeVegan

Healthy and filling, Susan provides plenty of vegan cooking to keep you happy and full. She also provides tips too. Some of her articles center on how to eat vegan when you’re out and about which can be a difficult task.

Vegan Outreach

3 - veganoutreach

While recipes and healthy eating are important, this blog looks at why we are really vegan. With guides and tips on cruelty-free eating, this blog is perfect for new vegans as well. The sense of community it holds is beyond important for all vegans.

Oh My Veggies

4 - OhMyVeggies

This blog gives you tons of recipes that even your non-vegan friends will enjoy. The site is also very organized, so you can find a main dish or appetizer right away. For those with even stricter diets, there is a gluten-free section as well.

Vegan Richa

6 - VeganRicha

The author of this blog has two main focuses. The first and main one is vegan recipes. These recipes will keep you full and healthy all year long. This blog also has resources to help you start your own blog so you can share your own recipes as well.

Oh She Glows

61 - Oh She Glows

Angela is the proud author of this award-winning recipe blog. This blog brings forth a mass of recipes that are both healthy and delicious. If you'd rather read a print copy, this blog has even received the recognition of being made into a cookbook.

Olives for Dinner

7 - OlivesForDinner

If you don't know what you're doing, a vegan diet can be kind of bland and tasteless. This blog aims to not only give you recipes but teach you ways to cook tofu and vegetables in ways you will enjoy.

Veg News

62 - Veg News

This online magazine provides you with a unique perspective. It does give you recipe ideas, but also news in the vegan community. Following this blog in 2017 will keep you up to date on any vegan news you could need or want to know.

Veg Kitchen

63 - Veg Kitchen

Recipes and kitchen tips are what this blog brings you all year round. Being vegan can be hard, especially if you're just starting out. With this blog, you'll learn all the important tips and tricks to vegan cooking.

Vegan Yack Attack

8 - Vegan Yack Attack

Jackie is a passionate vegan blogger and chef. She aims to help anyone who subscribes to a vegan diet or enjoys vegan eating. With few vegan options available outside of the home, she wants to help you make the meals you serve fantastic.

My Whole Food Life

9 - My Whole Food Life

This blog offers you a variety of recipes to add to your personal vegan cookbooks. But, this blog offers something more than recipes too. The author of this blog shares her travel stories and how she stayed vegan even when she was on the road.

Keepin’ It Kind

10 - KeepinItKind

Kristy is an avid animal lover and supports this through veganism. She uses her blog to show that going vegan doesn't mean you should sacrifice good food, though. Her goal is to give us delicious food and make the world a safer place for animals.

Vegan Miam

11 - Vegan Miam

Rika and Doni's vegan blog is unique in that it is far more than recipes and tips. It includes travel stories all over the world, reviews, and important vegan cooking how-tos. Inspired by all their travels, the recipes feature bold flavors that will keep 2017 delicious.

Happy Cow Veggie Blog

64 - Happy Cow Veggie Blog

This blog has been around for over 15 years, making it a reliable source with plenty of experience. This blog has two major facets to it. The first is articles that will interest both vegans and vegetarians. In addition, they also give plenty or recipes as well.

Main Street Vegan

12 - Main Street Vegan

Victoria Moran and the graduate coaches of Main Street Vegan Academy are the proud authors of this helpful blog. Not only for recipes, this blog offers unparalleled support to vegans. This site allows you to connect with the MSV podcast, MSVA-certified vegan lifestyle coaches and educators, and to the Academy page itself, if you're looking to up your outreach.


13 - YumUniverse

This blog is helpful, especially to anyone who doesn't have time to plan meals for every night. Of course, the blog does offer recipes for home cooks to enjoy as well. Meal plans are available as well, which will send you delicious vegan shopping lists. This will save you plenty of time trying to plan your meals for you and your family.

Blissful Basils

14 - Blissful Basil

This blog follows the journey of the author from meat-eater to vegan in recipes. If you are new to this blog, you'll only see vegan recipes in the newer posts. But, if you dig back a little further, this home cook will give you some vegetarian and pescatarian recipes too.

Pickles & Honey

15 - picklesnhoney

Sometimes to make a good vegan recipe, you have to think outside the box. As suggested by the name, this blog works hard to provide you with new, unique, and tasty recipes. With this blog, you won't get tired of the same set of recipes all year.

Happy Hearted Kitchen

16 - happyheartedkitchen

Jodi is a talented cook, photographer, and the mind behind this blog. Her recipes are mostly vegetarian but there are some vegan ones thrown in there as well. Any of these are sure to please your friends and family, vegan, vegetarian, and meat eaters alike!

An Unrefined Vegan

17 - AnUnrefinedVegan

Annie gives us tips and recipes for veganism to be good for your body and the world around you. She shares these on her blog and she sells her own book as well. If that's not enough, she shares her photography on the site as well.

Coconut and Berries

18 - coconutandberries

Veganism has helped this author feel better about what she eats. This goes both for herself and the animals that she isn't cruel to. The purpose of her blog is to share this experience with you and help you enjoy it as well.

Fitful Focus

19 - fitfulfocus

This blog is all about eating healthy and being healthy. There are workouts in this blog as well as recipes to help you with this goal. These recipes are satisfying, since they aim to keep you full as well as fit. Please note that this blog is not 100% vegan.

I Love Vegan

20 - ilovegan

Brittany and William are set on sharing a vegan lifestyle with their readers. They provide you with recipes, but that is only part of what they offer. There is also information on a vegan diet as well as resources for vegans to make life easier.


21 - Vegie Head

Adele created this blog to help vegans find recipes beyond imitation meat. Yet, it expanded beyond more than just tasty recipes. This blog now includes a variety of tips and resources that will help you be your healthiest in 2017.

Vegan Sparkles

22 - vegansparkles

Rebecca Weller is a health and life coach and has a personal connection to helping people with health. She has dedicated her blog to two main attributes of health for her to share with you. The main one is a vegan blog full of recipes as well as a sobriety section called Sexy Sobriety.

A Dash of Compassion

23 - adashofcompassion

Through recipes and reviews, this blog helps many vegans and promotes veganism itself. The author, Nicole, became a vegan due to her love of animals. She understands it can be difficult to find good, vegan meals and she uses this blog to help with that.

Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

24 - diannesvegankitchen

Dianne's blog offers much more than just a list of recipes. Her blog features links to health coaching programs as well as cooking classes. These resources allow you to learn on a broader basis rather than just how to cook a single recipe.

The Tofu Diaries

25 - TheTofuDiaries

This blog explains itself perfectly in that it is all about a cruelty-free lifestyle. This includes, of course, tips for eating out and recipes for eating in. This blog also goes into lifestyle and avoiding any animal products in your daily life as well.

Simple Vegan Blog

26 - simpleveganblog

Many vegan recipes tend to replace meat with complexity. This can create fantastic meals but can make life a little difficult at times. Well, that's what this blog is for. Using simple ingredients and recipes, this blog will give you delicious and easy vegan meals.

The Viet Vegan

27 - TheVietVegan

Different cultures bring a variety of foods and flavors to the table. Vegan food is no different in this respect. Lisa gives us a vegan twist on traditional Vietnamese dishes so everyone can enjoy it.

Vegan Heritage Press

28 - Vegan Heritage Press

With both books and plenty of online content, this blog is sure to offer plenty of support. The blog explains itself as a promoter of "healthy living and compassion towards life". This is done by giving you plenty of recipes so you can not only be vegan, but enjoy it as well.

Will Travel for Vegan Food

29 - wtfveganfood

Kristin writes her blog to help you find vegan restaurants. She knows how frustrating it can be to go out to eat and have one or no vegan options on the menu. So, she created a way to share the vegan options she finds as she travels to help other vegans like her.

By Any Greens Necessary

30 - By Any Greens Necessary 2

Tracye is a public health nutritionist and author. She found veganism to be one of the healthiest diets for herself and others. She is aware of how hard it can be at times, though. So, she created this blog to help support vegans and help them find food to enjoy instead of just eat.

Eco Warrior Princess

31 - ecowarriorprincess

This blog shows the side of vegan that we tend to think of after food. It is dedicated to living a vegan lifestyle. This includes tips for finding cruelty-free clothes and other products as well.

Om Nom Ally

32 - Om Nom Ally

This blog is out to prove that you don't have to deprive yourself to be an ally to animals. Even without meat, meals can still be flavorful and enjoyable. The author of this blog brings you recipes that even non-vegans will enjoy.

Fried Dandelions

33 - frieddandelions

Sarah is a passionate home cook and vegan. She is here to provide you with plenty of delicious recipes. These recipes are not only vegan but allergy safe for the whole family as well.

Vegan Lovlie

34 - veganlovlie

This blog is dedicated to veganism in every aspect of life. They have everything from reviews on products and restaurants to recipes. There is even a page for vegan art supplies, a topic a little harder to find.

The Plant Philosophy

35 - plantstrongvegan

Margaret is a talented home cook who aims to share veganism with the world. Formerly known as The Plant Strong Vegan, this blog gives you plenty or recipes to chose from to eat vegan.

Vegan Sandra

36 - VeganSandra

Sandra is another talented vegan cook gracing us with her recipes. These delicious creations aren't all she gives us, though. If you need some extra help, she also provides free meal plans for busy vegans as well.


37 - veganizzm

Izzy is the founder of this excellent vegan blog. She provides us with flavorful vegan recipes. These are a fantastic break from generic fake meat recipes that are sure to make you enjoy veganism.


38 - moadore

Morag is a dedicated and well-rounded vegan who is here to share her tips with her readers. This ranges from finding cruelty-free beauty products as well as recipes for baking and cooking too.

Vegetarian Baker

39 - TheVegetarianBaker

Jac is a vegetarian with vegan leanings who wants to share good food with us. His blog was born in college while studying pastry arts & food service management. He brings us delicious vegetarian recipes with more than a handful of vegan thrown in as well.

Jacked on the Beanstalk

40 - JackedontheBeanstalk

Training, meal planning, cooking, and coaching are all offered by this blog. With the help that this blog offers, you'll be able to shift to a healthy and vegan life in no time. Here, you will find plenty of resources to support you.

The V Word

41 - TheVWord

The V word in question is vegan. This blog was created to help people like you find delicious, vegan comfort food. Just because you cut out meat, you shouldn't have to eat unappetizing food.

Veg Annie

42 - VegAnnie

Annie is a health coach and working toward her Ph.D. in nutritional sciences. This makes her a wonderful source for giving tips for staying healthy with a vegan diet. She even gives recipes for vegan dog food as well.


43 - VEGANesp

Elena and Seth have been on the vegan path since 2009. They are well aware of how difficult it can be to find new vegan recipes to keep your diet interesting. To help you out, they share recipes they've found to make their own diets interesting.

Guac and Roll

44 - shakeguacandroll

Ava is a freelance writer living in London who puts her writing to good use to help you find vegan options. She gives you both recipes and travel guides to help you stay vegan wherever you are.

The Veracious Vegan

45 - theveraciousvegan

Angela describes herself as a vegan foodie and she loves to share her passion with us. She gives us both recipes and reviews so whether you are in or out, you can stick to your vegan lifestyle.

Two Green Peas

46 - Two Green Peas

Jessica and her husband run this blog to share their love of healthy food with their readers. This is done through recipes they share to make your veggies taste as good to you as they are for you.

Vanishing Veggie

47 - vanishingveggie

Although this blog is officially over, it still offers a wide variety of information. All the content in this blog is plenty of reading material to keep you going through 2017. This is full of vegan tips and stories about the author's life that you're sure to enjoy.

Artistic Vegan

49 - Artistic Vegan

Food is an art form and this blog is here to make sure all your food is a masterpiece. With plenty of recipes to help you keep some variety in your diet this year, this blog is sure to please any vegan.

Delightful Vegans

48 - Delightful Vegans

Josh and Katie aim to share what they call their delightful life of veganism. They share recipes but do so in a very organized way. They make sure they address all skill levels rather than just expect their readers to be perfect chefs.

The Chi City Vegan

50 - thechicityvegan

Based in Chicago, this blog is all about staying vegan in the bustle of the city. Halley isn't a huge fan of cooking though and knows not everyone is. So, she tells us how to find the best vegan eats in Chicago.

The Little Blog of Vegan

51 - The little Blog of Vegan

Holly Jade made this blog upon realizing that vegan options can be very difficult to find. She decides to help people by showing where to find vegan products and food. If you prefer to cook at home, she offers recipes too.

Cheap Vegan Chick

52 - CheapVeganChick

If there is one major problem with healthy eating, it's the cost. This blog is made specifically to make sure that you can eat vegan without breaking the bank. With both coupons and couponing tips, your next recipe will be affordable.

Plant Body Solution

53 - PlantBodySolution

Gabrielle is written by a medical practitioner and nutritional coach, so it has a professional's touch. She suggests a vegan diet as the healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off.

Anita’s Health Blog

54 - AnitaStayHealthy

Anita uses her blog to promote veganism for health reasons rather than for living cruelty-free. This includes more than just healthy foods, though. She also tells us about products for you and your home that avoid harmful ingredients.

Hungry Vegan

55 - hungryvegan

The author of this blog started her career helping by writing a resource guide for vegetarians. Since then, she has kept her eye out for even more resources. Her blog is now used to keep an up to date set of resources and recipes for vegans.

Positively Vegan

56 - positivelyvegan

This is a blog made for both vegans and non-vegans. It was made originally to convince people to become vegan. However, it later evolved into a way to share vegan ideas for anyone who was interested.

Vegan Crunk

57 - Vegan Crunk

When you think of the south, often times you think of fried chicken, barbecue, and other less-than-vegan classics. Well, that's where Bianca comes in. She is here to offer a vegan twist on southern classics so you don't feel left out.

Vegan Feast Kitchen

58 - veganfeastkitchen

Bryanna is an author of both this vegan blog and several cookbooks. This blog is focused on vegan eating but it is more than just recipes. It addresses the dangers of soy and other such concerns as well.

Cook Easy Vegan

59 - cookeasyvegan

Cooking vegan meals for yourself doesn't have to be a trial every day. For these nights or even if you aren't an advanced cook, this blog is for you. This blog will provide you with simple, vegan recipes to make at home.

We Don’t Eat Anything With A Face

60 - FacelessFood

This blog is focused on vegetarian and vegan virtues on a moral ground as well as a health one. This mother shares with us vegetarian recipes that the family- vegan, vegetarian, and otherwise- will love.

The Lean Green Bean

5 - theleangreenbean

Although this blog is not 100% vegan it has many interesting plant-based recipes. It features both recipes and workouts for you to use throughout the year. There is even a section full of parenting tips and personal stories from the author.

Wrapping It Up

No matter if you are vegan for health or morals, you deserve the best resources available. Following any or all of these blogs will help you throughout 2017. So, enjoy all of your delicious vegan recipes and healthy coaching all year long.

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