Top 50 Weight Loss Blogs You Should Be Following in 2017

best weight loss blogs

Trying to lose weight can be a frustrating concept at times, but there is plenty of support on the Internet.
But, some blogs are more helpful than others. Sifting through all these blogs on your own can be a challenge too.

Check out our exclusive list of the best weight loss blogs to help you stay motivated on your journey to lose weight.

These blogs will inspire you and give you tips to lose weight in 2017.

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The Top 50 Weight Loss Blogs are:


1 - nerdfitness

This blog is a very welcoming community for anyone looking to get fit. While they do offer courses, training, and tips, they do much more. They have made fitness into a fun game. This is even complete with the creation of your own online avatar to track your progress.

Fit Bottomed Girls

2 - Fit Bottomed Girls

The goal of this blog is to not only get their readers in shape, but to help them enjoy it. They believe that while you may need to lose weight, it doesn't have to be a chore. With a little creativity, they give tips that are enjoyable as well as useful for your journey.

Andie Mitchell

3 - Andie Mitchell

Working out is a huge part of weight loss, but it is only a part of the process. To reach your desired results faster, eating healthier is an important change to make as well. This blog is here to help you learn healthy and delicious recipes to keep you on track.

Peanut Butter and Pepper

4 - Peanut Butter and Peppers

This blog is full of tips across the spectrum for weight loss. With recipes and gardening tips, you'll be eating healthy in no time. There are even tips on how to combine exercise and healthy eating for the best results. If you need inspiration, the author shares her own fitness story as well.

The Fitnessista

5 - fitnessista

Gina uses her blog to help share tips and recipes to get healthy. No matter what is leading you down your road to fitness, you are sure to find her tips and tricks handy. If postpartum fitness is your goal, there is a whole section of this blog dedicated to that as well.

A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

6 - Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss

Kendall has worked long and hard to get where she is in her fitness journey. Along the way, she started her blog to tell us about her path to reach her goals. Now, though, it has become a valuable resource. It holds a wealth of information including tips Kendall learned on her way.

Happy Food Healthy Life

7 - Happy Food Healthy Life

Holly created this blog as she learned to love food to help other's love it as well. When you are trying to lose weight, what your eating can be a concern. Holly wants you to know that this doesn't mean the food is the enemy. There is plenty of enjoyable, healthy food and she is here to help you find ideas for it.

Run Eat Repeat

8 - Run Eat Repeat

Monica started her blog to keep track of her own fitness but she realized the blog could be much more. She has since added sections for healthy eating and weight loss. Through her own experiences and the tips she shares, you're sure to stay inspired and healthy in 2017.


9 - Fit2Fat2Fit

This blog is run by a personal trainer with a unique plan. He knows that taking weight loss advice from someone in perfect shape is less than believable. So, he's gaining weight in six months and losing it another six. He will not only be showing you how to do this but it will be inspiring as well.

Cranky Fitness

10 - crankyfitness

This blog is helpful, but definitely not with the cheery tones of most. This blog is made unique by its sarcastic tones. It will give you helpful tips as well as appeal to your sense of humor.

Eat Spin Run Repeat

11 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Angela writes her blog to share her love of fitness, eating, and goal setting with her readers. Everyone has different goals, of course, but she shares tips to help everyone. These tips include on what to eat and how to work out that will help throughout 2017.

Just A One Girl Revolution

12 - Mindy Nienhouse - Certified Health Coach

Mindy writes to share her story and give us her fitness anecdotes. There are plenty of tips buried in this blog even though they aren't as blatant as some other blogs. The main focus of this blog is to inspire you to start your own fitness story.

Preppy Runner

13 - preppyrunner

Theodora's story starts with her loving food, but all the wrong foods. She has dedicated her blog to helping her readers to fix their own relationships with food. As the title suggests, she also gives tips so you can love exercise as much food.

Body Rebooted

14 - Body Rebooted

Christina is the writer behind this blog and dedicated to healthy living. Although it started as a blog for gluten-free recipes, it has grown into so much more. Today it offers fitness tips, healthy recipes, and even reviews and fashion.

Authentically Emmie

15 - Authentically Emmie

Emily's fitness blog has become less about getting in shape and more about being healthy. She focuses on keeping herself and her reader’s body positive. This is important because healthy doesn't always mean super skinny. Emily wants us to know that that's okay, and while she wants to help you get fit, she wants you to love yourself too.

Roni Noone

16 - Roni Noone

Roni's blog, like many others, was born to hold her accountable for her personal weight loss. Since then, though, it has become so much more. She offers plenty of tips and answers health questions to keep you on your feet in your fitness. Reviews and recipes are offered on her blog as well.

Yum Yucky

17 - Yum Yucky

Josie is a fitness blogger that is easy to relate to. She admits that she loves to eat and enjoy indulgent foods when she can. Yet, she offers you tips and tricks to balance this with a healthy lifestyle. Following her in 2017 will help you enjoy your health without sacrifice.

Finding Radiance

18 - findingradiance

Lori knows from personal experience that losing weight can be a long, hard struggle. But, worry not, because she is here to help! With an arsenal of recipes and workouts, she brings the only the best to aid you in your journey.

Man v Fat

19 - Man V Fat

This blog is a weight loss blog that is targeted at men who are trying to lose weight. This blog is focused on male body types and encouragement, which can be difficult to find. Yet, here is a perfect blog come to the rescue to keep you motivated through 2017.

No Thanks to Cake

20 - nothankstocake

As the title suggests, this blog knows that healthy eating is a big part of getting fit. Kelly started her journey with the Jenny Craig program and took what she learned to the Internet. Now she shares not only her stories, but recipe tips as well.

Hungry Happy Healthy

21 - Hungry Healthy Happy

This blog focuses on sharing healthy recipes. With these recipes, you'll be able to eat healthily and enjoy it. Going outside the box, these recipes won't be bland and boring either. These will keep 2017 delicious and fit.

Jennette Fulda

22 - Jennette Fulda

This blog is far more than weight loss. It is an inspirational log of Jennette's every thought on the way to fitness. Since then, she has also added content to her blog that is unrelated to fitness. Whether you are here for tips or stories, this blog is a good read throughout the year.

Lose Weight by Eating

23 - Lose Weight By Eating

As the name suggests, this blog knows how important healthy eating is to weight loss. But, it also knows keeping new, fresh ideas for healthy recipes can be a struggle. So, they help out by keeping many weight loss recipes and tips at your fingertips.

Simply TaraLynn

53 - Taralynn McNitt

TaraLynn's blog is both a log of her personal life and success and tips for her readers as well. She also offers recipes up for her readers to enjoy healthy meals and snack. Following her through 2017 is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Eat Naked

24 - Eat Naked

This blog is all about eating naked and living a healthy lifestyle. It is all about how to eat local and organic and cooking the food to preserve nutrition. The aim of this blog is not only to teach you how to cook "naked" but to introduce you to a healthier mindset.

It Sux to Be Fat

25 - It Sux To Be Fat

Jennifer brings some inspiration to her corner of the Internet with her story. Anecdotes aren't all she brings to the table, though. She tells us her exercises, which you can steal for yourself, with recipes to help you as well. Her philosophy is that everyone deserves a healthy life and she'll help you anyway she can with her blog.

The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser

26 - losingweighteveryday

If you are looking for inspiration, this is the place to go. The blog follows the author's weight loss journey which, to date, totals 300 pounds (from 505 to 205!). Sean's story may have a larger goal than yours does, but that doesn't mean he can't spark a fire for fitness in your own life.


27 - wemake7

This particular blog has anything you may need. From DIY's to recipes to reviews of household products, there is something for everyone. Eating healthy can be expensive too! This blog will also help you learn the best techniques for couponing.


28 - Retrofit

A team of professionals runs this blog rather than it being a personal blog. It covers four main topics; business solutions, exercise, mindset, and nutrition. This offers you a wealth of information from exercise tips to facts about Medicare. This blog will keep you well informed and running this year.

Escape from Obesity

29 - escapefromobesity

This blog offers a real and raw look at a woman who has worked hard to lose weight. Not only is she an inspiration to her readers, she offers insight as well. She helps with recipes that will be delicious as well as healthy. This way, you can enjoy what you eat and eat healthily.

My Journey to Fit

30 - myjourneytofit

Shelley is the charismatic author of this blog. The blog is self-described as "a fifty-something's weight loss journey" but is more. It provides inspiration and Shelly offers us tips and tricks as well. From updates on her fitness to sharing her knitting, Shelley's blog is a fantastic read.

The Holy Mess

31 - Sara Borgstede

If there is one thing we can all relate to, it's that it can be difficult to balance everything in life. This blog is written for women trying to find that perfect balance in their life. The woman behind it has lost weight and run marathons, but also fostered over 35 children and minded her faith too.

Healthy Girl’s Kitchen

32 - Healthy Girls Kitchen

Wendy is open in the fact that she over eats and that other people do to. She has made changes in her life so she curbs her worse habits and eats healthier. Also, she is here to impart her wisdom to you so you can find ways to eat healthy too.

300 Pounds Down

33 - 300 Pounds Down

The author of this blog knows the struggle of failed diets. It took her a while to find her way to lose weight, as it does for many of us. Lucky for us, though, she is here to share her story with us. This includes what she's learned and how we can follow her workout routines at home.

Jennifer’s Kitchen

34 - jenniferskitchen

You'll get exactly what you expect from this blog by looking at the name. Recipes and cooking tips fill this blog's pages. Also, though, there are reviews as well. Rather than on products, though, these are usually on the best types of health foods. All in all, this blog is has a wealth of valuable information.

Diane Carbonell Fit to the Finish

35 - Fit to the Finish

Diane is the author of this blog and her own book about her weight loss and how she did it. She is out to prove that if she lost weight, you can too. Both her blog and book are filled with a variety of resources such as recipes and pieces of inspiration.

Xtine Danielle

36 - xtinedanielle

While this blog started as a recovery tool for brain surgery, it has become so much more. It covers any topic you could think of from Danielle's personal life to dieting and fitness. She tells us all about how she lost weight she didn't want and shares with us how we can do the same.

Just Keep Sweating

37 - Just Keep Sweating

Carlyn is out to lose weight and ready to take it one step at a time. This multifaceted blog focuses both on Carlyn and what she does. She shares stories about her own life as well as gives us workouts and healthy recipes. Her blog offers plenty to help anyone on their weight loss journey.

Fit This Girl

38 - Fit This Girl

Mary Mack has been active for years with running and roller derby. Through the years, she's learned a thing or two about the best ways to work out. Wherever you are in your weight loss journey, you'll find her tips helpful and motivating.


39 - cuckoolemon

Nicole writes in a way that is relatable to her readers. She does what most blogs do for writing about fitness with tips and workouts, but in a way that is fun to read. With a more relaxed approach than some serious fitness blogs, her's is less intimidating

Miles to Go

40 - milestogo

Sometimes for weight loss, surgery is the best decision. But, when you make this decision, you'll have a lot of question. Well, that's exactly what this blog is for. It will help you learn more about surgery and give you all the best tips for success.

The Life in Bloom

41 - Life in Bloom

Britni is the mastermind behind this fantastic blog. She is currently getting certified as a personal trainer, so she adds this knowledge on her blog as well. With plenty of work out tips, her advice will have you losing weight in no time.

Goal of Losing

42 - Goal of Losing

Kay is 40 pounds into a goal of losing 100 pounds. She wants to experience and share that weight loss doesn't have to be dreadful. To help us out, she shares her recipes and resources. This way, we can all experience this journey together.

Grace Got Healthy!

43 - Gracegothealthy

This blog follows Grace's journey to get healthy and fit. But, this blog isn't only about her journey, though. She also offers her advice to us. Her advice is mostly in the form of recipes. With these, you'll be able to create healthy food you'll actually enjoy and lose weight.

Shrinking Guy

44 - Shrinkinguy Fitness

The author of this blog lost the extra weight he carried so he could feel could about himself. Whether you are losing the weight for yourself or otherwise, he wants to help you out. His blog is filled with tips and tricks to get the most out of a healthy lifestyle and effectively lose weight.

The Failed Dieter

45 - The Failed Dieter

Jessica comes from a perspective that many of us are familiar with. She tried every diet under the sun but ended up having to make her own. Now, she is here to help the rest of us find our way from the world of dieting and into a healthy lifestyle.

The Weight of My Weight

46 - The Weight of My Weight

The author of this blog is still on her journey to lose the extra weight she wants to lose. The main goal of her blog is to share her weight loss and life with us. Her blog is a meaningful read and relatable. It is sure to be an inspiring read through 2017.

Premier Physicians

47 - Premier Physicians Weightloss and Wellness

This blog is an excellent source for many facts about weight loss and general health. With a range of topics, you are bound to find plenty of things to help you out in this resource. If you need extra help, the blog also features a link to set up an appointment with the physicians who run it.

The Shape Cube

48 - theshapecube

Cheliz is the author of this blog full of wonderful resources. This includes sections dedicated to weight loss challenges, motivation, and recipes. With this blog, you will have any questions you may have about how to lose weight answered. Cheliz doesn't write in a technical way either, so her blog is easy to understand.

Robard Corporation

49 - Weight Loss Programs and Products by Robard

This blog is run by the Robard Corporation, a leader in weight management. Their advice isn't aimed only at those trying to lose weight. This blog aims to educate dieters and healthcare professionals as well. That means that whatever side of this situation you are on, there is advice for here for you.

Half of Gabby

50 - Half of Gabby

Gabby created this blog when she lost 120 pounds to feel better about herself. Now her motto is that any of us can feel better about ourselves as well. She fills her blog with workout tips, weight loss tips, and recipes so you can feel what she does.

Keep It Up David

51 - keepitupdavid

David has gone from a guy losing weight for himself to an inspiration to many. He doesn't only tell us about his weight loss and races, though. He also gives us recipes, work out tips, and he has even become a motivational speaker.

Carb Tripper

52 - carbtripper

One of many ways to lose weight is a carb free diet. This blog is focused on helping you not only get through, but enjoy your low carb diet. These recipes and author's sense of humor will help you make it through your weight loss. Maybe you'll even love the experience with this blog.

Final Words - Wrapping It Up

2017 is a year of change and, for some, this means fitness and weight loss. There are many blogs out there to help you, but some will definitely help more than others. These weight loss blogs are by far your best options though and will help you stay fit and healthy in 2017.

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