Best Zumba DVD [Detailed Reviews]

Best zumba dvdLet’s face it, who doesn’t know the benefits of regular exercise?

However, we’ve all been there – those days when the only thing you want to do is to slump in front of the TV with some snacks, and the idea of going to the gym, quite frankly, bores you to tears.

So what’s the answer? Zumba.

Zumba’s party beats will have you up and exercising in no time. And it’s so much fun; you won’t even notice how much fat you’re burning while you’re doing it.

Zumba targets all areas of fitness through a combination of infectious music, aerobics and dance moves. It’s a cardio, muscle conditioning workout that’ll leave you on a serious natural high.

And the best thing about it? You can Zumba away in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace. Read on to find the best Zumba DVD routine for you.

Best Zumba DVD

Needless to say, different individuals have different levels of fitness. It can be overwhelming trying to find the right Zumba DVD, particularly if you’re new to it or haven’t been exercising for a while.

But don’t be intimidated – the fact of the matter is, anyone can Zumba.

All you need is the desire to get fit, have fun, move your body and feel great.

This article will help you select the best Zumba workout DVD for you, and for where you are in your fitness journey right now.

ImageModelPriceOur Rating
Zumba Fitness Incredible ResultsZumba Fitness Incredible Results$$4.4 / 5
Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD SystemZumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System$4.3 / 5
Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD SetZumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD Set$$4.2 / 5
Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD SetZumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set$$4.2 / 5
Zumba Fitness Gold Live It Up DVD Set for the Baby Boomer GenerationZumba Fitness Gold Live It Up DVD Set for the Baby Boomer Generation$4.1 / 5

1 Zumba Fitness Incredible Results

The name says it all. This is a Zumba DVD set that’ll turn anyone into a total Zumba pro, even if they’re starting out as a beginner.

There’s an intro routine of basic Zumba steps – the 40 minute Quick Start – if you don’t already know them.

The instruction is clear and easy to understand, and that’s encouraging because it feels that learning the steps in a short time frame is totally possible.

Once you’ve got that cracked, prepare to tone up with full body workouts, which torch up to 1,000 calories at a time.

There’s a wealth of different routines to keep you motivated and engaged, and which will sculpt your arms, back and core.

Chose from the Super Cardio Dance Party featuring Cardio Bursts for a focus on fat burning. Or, if you’re looking to strengthen your core and blitz your love handles, a sure-fire way is to go for the 30 Minute Burn and Amazing Abs Bonus (15 mins).

This set also contains a piece of Zumba equipment called the Rizer – a plastic step that’s 4” tall, 16” wide, hard plastic, and weighs about 3 lbs. The Rizer’s used in routines that have a particular focus on what can be a problem area for us women: bums and thighs!

If this is the case for you, you’ll be thrilled with the Zumba Step routine featuring The Rizer. The next day, there was that pleasant muscle soreness in my glutes, which I knew meant I’d worked them hard.

Zumba Fitness Incredible Results is a generous package. I felt it was put together by people who’re passionate about Zumba and who really cared that I got to experience all its benefits.

The filming is well lit; the music tracks are totally contagious and the whole product has really positive energy. The result? I’d totally recommend this Zumba DVD set – it left me glowing and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you.

2 Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System

Don’t you just hate gaining weight and, as a result, feeling too self-conscious to exercise in public? The great news is Zumba have provided an escape from this trap.

This Zumba workout DVD set is specifically targeted at those of us who need to shift the pounds but want to do it in private.

If you’re looking for a complete weight loss package, check this out.

5 DVDS give you a complete program of routines; all are featuring total body workouts that’ll help you burn fat by combining cardio and interval training.

The good news is I was still smiling despite working up a real sweat. Zumba’s usual blend of good vibe beats and serious entertainment factor are incredibly motivating.
The Super Cardio Dance Party DVD featuring cardio blasts workout claims to burn 1,000 calories and I can well believe it! These bursts help turn on your body’s fat-burning ability to help transform you from stodgy to svelte.

Beyond a selection of the great routines, Zumba is famous for; there are extras to support you in your weight-loss journey. The Program Guide gives valuable technical information and – genius touch – includes planners so you can schedule your workouts.

Do you know what the RPE (Rated Perceived Exertion) is? No, neither did I before reading the Program Guide. It’s all information to help you achieve fast weight-loss results.

There’s also a Nutrition Guide plus meal plan you can follow. I made several of the delicious recipes.

And that’s not all. You also get the innovative Sole Control Wraps. If you don’t have special shoes for Zumba workout, you put these over your sneakers to increase your range of movement and ability to slide, pivot and turn. They’re fab and instantly made me feel like a Zumba pro.

What about if you’re a beginner? That’s been taken care of too – the set contains an Easy to Learn, Quick Start DVD which is a 37 minute tutorial on the Zumba steps.

By doing this system, you’ll feel better about yourself immediately, even before the pounds have come off because the workouts are so addictively feel-good.

All in all, this Zumba DVD set is a great way of regaining any confidence you’ve lost because of weight gain, at the same time as melting off those extra pounds.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get moving!

3 Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD Set

With all the Zumba DVD reviews out there, it can be hard to decide which good Zumba DVDS are for beginners and which ones are suitable for the more experienced Zumba dancer.

Well, Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD set comprises a set of 7 Zumba DVDs which work well for beginners but are particularly recommended for Zumba aficionados.

If you’re new to Zumba, a Step-by-Step DVD gives you an easy-to-follow breakdown of all the basic Zumba steps.

And for those of us who want to prioritize getting our exercise fix, but are sometimes time-poor, there’s a 20-minute workout called “Rush”.

So the fact is, saying you don’t have enough time to exercise is no longer a good enough excuse for not moving your body!

“Activate” is a 45-minute workout which I found to be a manageable intermediate level routine. There’s also an option to turn the verbal cues on or off which is beneficial, so once you’re comfortable with the cues you can turn them off, but it’s helpful to have them on while you’re still learning.

Want to feel that you’re toning up all the wobbly bits, while strengthening and balancing your core? There’s a way for you to do both with this package. Want to know more?

Well, the “Ripped” workout uses the ZumbaⓇ Toning program to get your muscles really engaged, so that you can shape up into a sleek silhouette. The truth is, my muscles were screaming at me by the end of this but in the best way possible.

Moreover, this workout uses the weighted Zumba toning sticks, which are like Maracas, and great fun to incorporate. Shaking them also takes your mind off the fact that your muscles are burning!

Zumba Sentao is a chair-based routine, which focuses on your core. Even though I consider myself to have a strong core, this still felt like it had a considerable impact.

A word of caution – the last 3 workouts are definitely for the more advanced among us.

What that means is you can switch up the level of intensity to match your mood whenever you like. It also means that you can progress up the levels from beginner, without having to buy new Zumba DVDs.

“Exhilarate Dance Fitness Party”, the “Mix” workout, and Zumbathon ® Fitness concert live class are full of raw energy and global rhythms that’ll make you work and sweat hard.

Beware! They’re fast paced. But I was buzzing by the end of them.

This is a great Zumba DVD set. It’s really comprehensive, includes the Zumba Toning sticks and the music featured is so great it’s easy to get caught up in it once it starts playing.

4 Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set

This Zumba Fitness DVD set is in some ways a Zumba back-to-basics. What do I mean by this? Well, The Zumba Fitness Basic Workouts DVD is very well choreographed, in a simple format, to explain the steps.

Let’s put it like this: if you’re the kind of person who likes to know you are doing Zumba correctly, then this is the set for you.

The Zumba Fitness Basic Workouts DVD lays the foundations for you to learn the moves properly because it gives a clear and easy-to-understand breakdown of them all.

Personally, I particularly liked the sculpting and toning aspect of these Zumba DVDs. These are also back to basics, in that they’re all exercises with a focus on shaving off lumps and bumps.

Other people have reported the pounds dropping off and I certainly felt leaner after doing the Sculpt and Tone and the Zumba Fitness Flat Abs workouts. The toning sticks are used to ramp up the muscle building aspect of the workouts and although they take some getting used to, I could feel why they’re added into the routines.

In other words, if you ever feel that your thighs, abs or core are problem areas, these routines may be the answer you’re seeking.

This is because they feature interval training sessions that combine fast and slow sessions, plus resistance training to help sculpt and tone the body while burning fat.

For a faster blast of Zumba, there’s the Zumba Fitness Live! Workout DVD that was crazy good fun, even though I was dripping with sweat by the end of it. It’s no accident that the music is so good in this DVD set: it was put together by Grammy Award winning producers.

This is a really solid DVD set. It’s probably best suited to those newer to Zumba because of the care and attention that’s been paid to ensure that the steps are clearly explained.

It’s simple really – let the music move you to a new level of body fitness and physical health!

5 Zumba Fitness Gold Live It Up DVD Set for the Baby Boomer Generation

Is it true that age is just a number? Well, the Zumba Fitness Gold Live it Up DVD set for the Baby Boomer Generation certainly thinks so!

This specially designed program is based on the idea that to age-proof yourself, there are certain different “critical domains” that need regular upkeep. These are: physical fitness, mental stimulation and stress management.

Zumba does all of these, while continually stimulating the body’s happy chemicals. Are you in a never-ending battle with a sluggish metabolism, creaking joints and low energy levels? Do you think it’s an inevitable decline because you’ve reached a “certain age”?

Just imagine there’s a solution to all these issues. This Zumba 3 DVD set, featuring lower intensity routines than normal, provides an answer.

Paying careful attention to the fact that you might want to take it a little more slowly, by practicing these routines regularly, you’ll still get you to your goal of improved health and vitality.

You’ll be gently eased into Zumba with the Step-by-Step DVD, which also features motivational interviews with experts, who’ll educate you about healthy living.

There’s a 45 minute Cardio DVD. As we age, we need to keep our endurance and balance in good shape. This DVD focuses on that and there’s an ample 7-minute warm up, a faster-paced section and then an 8-minute cooldown, which should leave you feeling fantastic.

And there’s more! The Gold Toning DVD will get you sculpted and toned, using the Zumba Toning Sticks which are included in the set.
In addition to that, there’s a Healthy Living Guide, which will give you tips and educate you about diet and nutrition.

So, do you want to learn how to defy the aging process? This Zumba DVD set will help you do exactly that while feeling that famous Zumba high at the same time.


Zumba is an incredible approach to fitness because it realizes that for people to exercise consistently, they have to want to exercise. And order for people to want to exercise, they must find it fun, engaging and entertaining.

Not only that, but the exercise needs to deliver results. People want to feel good about life, as well as feeling stronger, fitter, more flexible and toned.

Zumba is the answer. Its astonishing popularity is based on the fact that, as a fitness system, it works, but it also enhances people’s lives on a deeper level. It generates a sense of joy and fun that can all too easily be lost in everyday life.

These Zumba DVD reviews should help you to find the best Zumba routines for your exercise and fitness needs.

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