Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle Review


The Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle is one of the best products by a century-old indoor bike manufacturer, the Beistegui Hermanos. The company offers other indoor cycles such as the Bladez Fitness Echelon GS, but this bike takes your cardio workout to the next level.
The new improved frame design comes with an upgraded handlebar post and stem. The paint finish and graphics give a sleeker stylish look to your bike. The 40lb heavyweight flywheel gives an ultra-smooth, natural feel with a consistent momentum. The oversized steel frame offers strength and stability. The Bladez Fusion GS has a club-style brake system.

It boasts of racing ergonomics with a handlebar that has an up and down, fore and aft adjustments. The Bladez Fusion GS has a 4-way adjustability for a comfortable fit. The sports pedals with toe baskets offer an anchor and a secure platform for workout efficiency by the push and the pull motion while pedaling.

Enjoy a continuous motivation and track your workouts with the LCD console. The sports saddle is ergonomically designed for comfort during workouts. The water bottle holder is conveniently within reach. The transportation wheels allow for easy storage and wheel-outs for workouts.

Technical Specifications

Maximum user weight 275 lbs.
Flywheel weight 40 lbs.
Drive System Chain
User height from 4’10” to 6’4″
Assembled dimensions
Height 43″
Width 20″
Length 47.5″
Weight 85 Lbs.


  • The LCD Console displayed the calorie, the speed, distance and time.
  • The Steel Frame has a lower center of gravity for higher stability, especially at high speeds and resistance. The Bladez Fusion GS has great graphics that invite you to use the equipment.
  • The heavy Flywheel is 40 lb and has a diameter of 17.7 inches. It offers a natural, smooth and uniform momentum for a satisfying workout.
  • The Chain Drive System turns the flywheel and the dynamo. The electricity generated by the dynamo powers the LCD.
  • The Resistance System is a top down felt pad that allows for infinite resistance levels.
  • The Club Style Emergency Brake offers a top down resistance to stop the Bladez Fusion GS instantly.
  • The Sports Pedals with toe cage and straps allow for a good grip and leverage while pedaling at various resistance levels. The step-up height from the floor to the pedal in lowest position is 5.25 inches. While the Q-Factor, i.e., the distance from the inner edge of left pedal to the inner edge of right pedal is 7.25 inches.
  • The Handlebar boasts of racing ergonomics.
  • The Handlebar Adjustment happens in all four directions. The maximum height of the handlebar from the floor is 43.5 inches and minimum height is 39.5 inches.
  • A Saddle Seat for greatest comfort and movement while working out.
  • The Seat Adjustment helps fix the seat in all the four directions. The maximum height of the seat from the floor to top of seat front is 39.75 inches while the minimum height is 33 inches.
  • The Transportation Wheels allow for the easy wheel in and wheel out from storage.
  • The Water Bottle Holder is within reach to keep you hydrated.

Computer Features

  • LCD console comes with a motivational feedback.
  • The console displays readouts of:
    o the time you have pedaled for
    o the distance pedaled
    o the speed at which you pedaled
    o the calories burnt


Bladez Fitness offers a lifetime warranty on the frame while the computer and wearable parts have a one year warranty.

Shipping and Assembly

The shipping weight of the Bladez Fusion GS is 103 pounds. The shipping costs may vary according to the distance and the retailer. Some offer free shipping.

The Bladez Fusion GS arrives partially assembled with an illustrated assembly manual and tools. You will assemble the handlebar, the seat post, the stabiliser bars, etc., within the hour.

To download Bladez Fusion GS II Bike Assembly & Owner’s Manual click here.

What I Like About Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle

Bladez Fusion GSBladez Fitness has improved and adjustable frame, seat and handlebar on this bike. The frame has a new handlebar post and stem made of steel – the design and material make it stronger. The handlebar is ideal for spinning bike workouts as it offers a road bike-like experience as it is narrow and thin. The heavy flywheel offers a uniform resistance and momentum for a fruitful workout.

A knob allows for adjustment to infinite levels of resistance this allows for variable levels of intensity of workouts. The pedals come with a basket to grip and anchor the feet. The LCD display reads the speed that is distance covered in the given time and the calories burnt. The frame has a lifetime warranty while the wearable parts and the computer are easily replaceable and come with a one-year’s warranty.

What I Didn’t Like

As it is one of the low-cost indoor bikes, it does not have many features offered by the high-end bikes. Such as pre-programmed workouts and the fixed resistance levels.

Final Words

Overall, this bike is value for your money with its lifelong warranty and attractive design and graphics. The heavy flywheel and infinite resistance levels offer for and intense workout of your muscles. This workout would be at par with the natural biking experience as the outdoors offers unpredictable resistance levels. The LCD display powers itself so the Bladez Fusion GS is independent of hook-ups and can be moved anywhere in your home. The transport wheels and the water bottle holder are other mentionable conveniences.

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