Crocs Nursing Shoes – How to Pick the Best Crocs for Nurses

If you’re a nurse, you’ll know the value of a good pair of nurse’s shoes to support you during your long days. Many nurses look to crocs for this support.

Crocs have a number of features that have been known to support nurses throughout their long shifts. These include their signature Croslite technology, easy slip-on style, and ease of cleaning. But let me not get ahead of myself.

Below I have a list of the top crocs nursing shoes for both women and men. From the classic clog to loafer styles, every nurse will be able to find a pair of crocs that fit their needs.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Best Crocs Nursing Shoes

1. Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

At the top of our list, we have the classic Crocs clog for both men and women. With this model, you’ll have ample options of colors to choose from. Other than color options, these crocs for nurses come with all of the signature features that have people buying crocs again and again.

Crocs are lightweight, so you’ll barely feel them throughout your day. The durability of crocs means they will last you a long time. The slip-on design comes with a removable back strap, which can be used when you need some extra support.

The perforated vamp keeps air circulation flowing steadily. Nurses love the how easy these are to clean with soap and water as well as how water resistant they are.

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2. Crocs Unisex Classic Realtree Clog

The Realtree clog from crocs comes with the token features that we love and pairs it with a camouflage, outdoors pattern, which is a real winner for men and women nurses alike. If you’re looking for something not as bright but still want an interesting look, these are the crocs for you.

You get the comfort expected from crocs with the Croslite uppers and footbed. Croslite feels soft while giving the support needed for nurses walking all day. The outsole is also made with the signature Croslite material keeping it breathable and non-marking.

A word of caution, you’ll want to try these on in store before buying. Many find that these run a bit large. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy these crocs.

3. Crocs Yukon Sport Clog

Looking for something a bit more refined? Look no further than the Yukon Sport clog from crocs. These have the classic crocs look but add leather detailing giving a rugged sophistication to the shoe. Choose from black, brown, or khaki.

Nurses enjoy the massaging Croslite footbed and drainage ports in the vamp. These shoes are comfortable and well-ventilated. They also come with the convertible back strap, which adds versatility to the shoe.

Because of the leather detailing, these might not be as easy to clean as previous crocs mentioned. Still, nurses like the classiness added to the crocs, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who denies the comfort of these.

4. Crocs Men’s Stretch Sole Loafer

Unlike regular crocs, these loafers are made with a fabric upper and designed as a slip-on style shoe with full heel backing. Nurses like the how the stretch canvas upper molds to the foot as well as the comfort of the Croslite footbed.

These loafers remain as lightweight as the classic crocs. A stretch cord has been inserted in the outsole, which allows the entire shoe to stretch horizontally for a great fit. This feature makes these shoes especially comfortable and flexible for all-day wear.

This shoe doesn’t have holes across the upper like regular crocs, keeping feet protected against fluids and other debris. Nurses enjoy the look of these crocs compared to the regular crocs look as well.

5. Crocs Women’s Carlie Cutout Clog W Mule

The Carlie Cutout Clog from crocs is a comfortable and cute option for women nurses. They are made with a soft upper with floral cutouts that adds a bit of femininity to the shoe. Transparent colors in black, brown, coral, and blue look good with every women nurses’ scrubs.

Re-enter the pivoting heel strap that can be used as a support or as a strap on top of the foot. Either way, you will be able to slip in and out of these crocs with ease. As cute as they are, you can dress these up or down as you, please.

These crocs look more like a sandal, so expect plenty of air circulation. Don’t expect much protection from outside debris. You still get the ease of washing, Croslite insole, and the lightweight quality of nursing crocs.


Crocs are an easy addition to every nurses’ wardrobe. You have your watches for nurses, scrubs, and comfortable crocs to support you throughout the day.

Some people may think they look funny, but nurses know the quality of a good nursing shoe when they see one. I’m sure as a nurse, you are eager to get a new pair of crocs to add to your closet full of nursing shoes.

Enjoy, and tell them we sent you!


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