Top 25 Diabetes Blogs You Should Follow in 2017

Best Diabetes Blogs

Living with diabetes and finding a resource that you can depend on and connect with can be hard. Even in this digital day and age where information about anything and everything you could possibly want to know about can be found, it’s often hard to find quality content. So, we decided to make life easier and do all the work for you.

Below you’ll find a list of the top 25 diabetes blogs that offer everything from the latest and greatest in research, information on the disease, healthy recipes and diets, and most importantly, personal stories from real people living out their day to day lives with diabetes.

Top 25 Diabetes Blogs 2017

Diabetes UK

This blog highlights people with diabetes or people living with someone who has diabetes. It gives you day to day insight on what it’s like for different people living with diabetes. While this blog also includes information about research, campaigns, and fundraising, its main focus is creating a connection and community with its audience by using real stories from real people. What’s also great about this blog is that you can separate blog posts by Type I and Type 2 diabetes so you can read about people that are more likely dealing with the issues you’re dealing with.

Diabetes Research Institute

This blog will give you the most up to date research coming out about diabetes. They state that their sole focus is a biological cure for diabetes so their research is focused on cures. They have information on their websites about fundraisers around the United States (although many of the events are targeted at the Northeast) as well as workshops and most importantly, clinical trials. This is the resource to use if you’re interested in being involved in a clinical trial as a patient.

Diabetes Self-Management


If you’re looking for the best all-around blog for diabetes, you’ve found it. There are posts about everything from personal stories of people with diabetes, the latest research, posts from nurses and dieticians giving advice on diets, using insulin effectively, different types of medications, etc.

Six Until Me


Kerri Sparling is a woman who has been living with Type I diabetes for over 30 years, and has been blogging about it for over 10 years. She started her blog because she felt like she was the only one she knew with diabetes and wanted to help build a diabetic blogging community. She has great insight from living with diabetes for 30 years, some of it practical and some of it to make you laugh and feel like someone else understands what you’re going through.

Diabetes Hands Foundation

This nonprofit organization has a blog that is focused primarily on their foundations and the activities within it. Under the Diabetes Hands Foundation lives TuDiabetes which is a social network for people living with diabetes to connect online. There is also a Spanish version, EsTuDiabetes, which seeks the same purpose in the Spanish-speaking community.

A Sweet Life

This is a collection of blogs written by different authors who have diabetes or children with diabetes. Every author on this blog has Type I diabetes. This is another well rounded blog with posts about everything from parenting a child with diabetes, diets, different insulin pumps and interventions, fundraisers, and just living life with the struggles of diabetes.



Leighann Calentine is a successful author whose daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The majority of her blog is targeted towards parents who have diabetic children. It includes parenting tips (like how to get your kids to eat better – we could all use that!), how to put together a low blood sugar kit, diabetes fundraisers and events, how to manage your kid’s schedule etc. She is a great writer and brings honesty and humor to the table.

American Medical ID


This science-based blog that encompasses a large variety of health conditions, but you can narrow down the topic to just diabetes. It has very easy to read, medical articles that give tips on how to handle summer weather to news about events in the world of diabetes and upcoming treatments.


This blog is really a sisterhood blog, with posts written by women with diabetes. They rotate bloggers every 3-6 months to highlight each woman’s journey, giving you a variety of perspectives from all types of women. It covers both Type I and Type 2 diabetes as well as pregnancy with diabetes.



Another blog that covers many medical conditions that you can specify to give you posts about just diabetes mellitus. This blog is specific to research studies and takes the most recent students and dissects them in easy to read language. This blog is fantastic if you want to stay up to date on research without spending hours rifling through dry research papers.

Diabetic Foodie


This blog covers, well…food! It’s a great resource for delicious, healthy recipes that complement a diabetic lifestyle. You can choose recipes specific for gluten-free, paleo, and vegan diets and can sort through breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, etc. It’s very easy to navigate and all of her recipes have gotten rave reviews.



Although the name of this blog may be hard to read, its blog posts aren’t. Kelly Kunik offers a very real, clever voice throughout her mission to bust diabetes myths and give people an idea of what diabetes is really like. Her blog is extremely enjoyable to read and will make you laugh.

Adventures in Diabetes Parenting

This parenting blog is written by Pam Osborne whose daughter was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she was a little over a year old. This is another very real blog that deals with the struggles Pam has faced, but also highlights the good things too and things related to just being a parent.

A Sweet Grace


This blog is written by a mom with a daughter who was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she was 6 years old. She was on multiple daily injections for the beginning of her diagnosis and now has moved to an insulin pump. This blog chronicles the life of both mom and daughter as she grows older and begins to take more control of her diabetes.



Amber is an 18 year old girl with Type I diabetes. Her posts are a great insight into the life of a teenage girl dealing with diabetes along with everything else life throws her way. She’s very mature for 18 and writes with incredible insight to how her diabetes often gives her the wrong labels, and how she tries to overcome that.

Country Girl Diabetic


Cara has Type I diabetes who also shares a love for theater. She frequently posts, and writes about her struggles with diabetes on a daily basis, including the frustrations with assumptions made by strangers. The blog also highlights her journey through being recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease and how she manages that in combination with her diabetes.


Although Costco might not seem like your first pick for a blog, they have an excellent diabetes blog. Although some posts may feel a bit “pitchy”, the majority of them give excellent tips on managing diabetes with everything from food to medications to managing stress. They also help you find the lowest cost for testing strips and other medical equipment.

Our Diabetic Life


Meri is a mother of four boys, three of whom have Type I diabetes. Meri started out raising the boys with her husband, who was then diagnosed with brain tumors and passed away shortly after, leaving Meri to raise the four boys on her own. Although her story is heartbreaking, her resilience and good humor are admirable and make for a great read.

The Diabetes Times

This diabetes blog is based out of the UK. Its focus is in the scientific realm, covering clinical trials, best practices, clinical guidelines, and pharmaceutical news. The pharmaceutical news portion is a great piece of the blog that you won’t find covered much anyplace else. They also highlight success stories of patients whose diabetes has improved, or in some cases, no longer even need insulin for Type I diabetes.


Kathleen Weaver is a woman with diabetes who has struggled with weight loss issues for years. She had a lapband procedure done in order to make her stomach smaller to lose weight. The blog highlights her decision to go through the process and the follow-up after the surgery. She also posts about her goals to get healthy with exercise and the tools she uses to keep her consistent.

Below Seven


This blog title’s clever take on HbA1c levels, is written by a woman who has Type 1 diabetes. It highlights her continual goal to have an A1C below seven while she deals with living life; being a wife, a new mom, buying a house, and maintaining her active lifestyle. Running is a large part of her life and how she likes to stay healthy and her blog chronicles how she manages her insulin levels with running.

Insulin Independent


This blog is written by Anna, a mother and wife who does not like to define herself by her diabetes. She was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 4 and talks candidly about her mental struggle with diabetes throughout her teenage years. She has grown from fighting against the disease to trying to own it, and the oscillation that happens as new issues arise.

The Savvy Diabetic


Joanne has been living with Type I diabetes for over 40 years. Her blog posts encompass a lot of research and technology including new treatments and recommendations. She is a huge advocate for diabetes, especially related to health care, and offers great insight on navigating the health care system and dealing with insurance.

The Healthy Diabetic

Dan Piper is from the UK and has had Type I diabetes for over 5 years. He is passionate about health and fitness and his blog chronicles his journey to incorporate diabetes into his eating and working out routines. He is a nutrition coach and is able to offer great information on how to keep track of your diet including apps and recipes. His blog is well-designed and easy to read.

Type 1 Bri


Brian lives in London and has Type I diabetes. His blog posts focus on his life and how he deals with diabetes. He frequently has guest bloggers contribute posts to give another perspective of someone with diabetes. He covers all topics, from diabetes technology to diet to insurance. His blog and includes hilarious memes that make his posts fun to read.

This list gives you a good place to start when looking for a quality diabetes blog. If you are drawn to a particular blog, look for recommendations by that blogger on other site and blogs they enjoy so you can develop your own niche to read on. Many of the blogs also post about social groups and meet up events so you can get involved outside of the online world.

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