21 DIY Pull-Up Bar Ideas To Help You Get Ripped

Do you like pull ups? I used to hate pull ups! However, I knew that they are very important for your upper back strength and the health of your shoulders. You might be in the same situation I was: wanting to get started with pull up training but don't have any equipment.

Luckily for you, I've put together a list of DIY pull up bar options so you can learn to love pull ups just like I have! It doesn't matter if you can do 1 or 100 – pull ups should be included in your exercise routine.​

21 DIY Pull-Up Bar Ideas

#1 The Simple But Hardy Backyard Pull Up Bar

outdoor pull up bar

It also has a great idea to add in ladder steps to allow for shorter users to reach the bar easily!

If you want a sturdy backyard homemade pull up bar, this project is one you can complete in a day! It is relatively cheap and will last you plenty of pull up sessions!​

Build this backyard beast - click here

#2 The Even Simpler Indoor Pull Up Bar

diy pullup bar

If you are looking to mount a pull up bar from your ceiling, this is a great plan. Just make sure you locate a very sturdy beam to mount to – otherwise you might be the next pull up fail video!

This is a great option for those on a budget and need detailed instructions on how to make a pull up bar. You can even find a more advanced version that they made when you click the link.

Get started with your pull up training - click here

#3 Need An Adjustable Outdoor Pull Up Tower?

how to make a pull up bar

If you want some more variation with your pull up bar, this tower is a good choice. Sturdy and adjustable, meaning you will have hours of torture...I mean, hours of fun training your pull ups!

Want an option to do muscle ups and Australian pull ups? This tower is suited just for those movements. This is how to build a pull up bar with multiple uses!

Add variety to your pull up training - click here

#4 – Get Some Gains In Your Whole Upper Body!

homemade pull up bar

Only doing pull ups? Pfft...you should be doing Dips too if you want to train your upper body effectively!

This project includes an awesome pull up bar, along with a set of parallel dip bars. YES – a complete upper body training station! If you want to build your own pull up bars, you might as well go all the way with some additional dip bars.

Get complete upper body training - click here

#5 – Build Yourself A Monkey Bar!

pull up station

I'm not saying you have to pull off some one arm pull ups with your homemade pull up bar, like this guy in the picture. What I am saying is that it's good to know that this bar is sturdy enough to handle that – if you ever get that strong! 🙂

This project has in depth instructions, so it would be hard to take a wrong turn. Build it and start monkeying around!

One arm pull ups guide not included - click here

#6 – Your Kids Could Have A Monkey Bar Too!

diy free standing pull up bar

Another solid frame for backyard pull ups bars. This set up is very easy and doesn't require much time.

In addition to that, it is affordable and doesn't require many tools. Your kids can probably put this one together, which is great, since it seems like it could be a toy for them!

Get your kids doing pull ups too - click here

#7 – Need To Start Training Right Now?

homemade bar plans

10 minutes and little-to-no cost? Sounds like the easiest way to build your own pull up bars! But, what's the catch?

You need an attic for this project. That is the only way you can make this one work. Also, don't think this is a permanent solution. Maybe throw this one up while you are working on one of these other projects for a permanent set up!

10 minutes until your workout starts - click here

#8 – You Can Start Training With This One Quickly!


This project might take 5 more minutes than the last one, but this one can be a permanent option!

This is a simple set up attached to a support beam. Get the required pipe and use your drill skills and you are good to go! The author wants you to break it in with 100 pull ups...good luck 🙂

Ready for those 100 pull ups yet? - click here

#9 – Multiple Grips For Multiple Pains 😉

build pull up bars

Yes, this will take more supplies and time than the last couple on this list. But, you are going to take your training to the next level with these extra grip variations!

Chin ups, wide pull ups, narrow pull ups, and neutral pull ups all in one diy pullup bar. No holding you back now!

Master those variations - click here

#10 – Want Something A Little More Unique?

building pull up bars

I have to say...this project can take more time than most of these projects and is one of the most unique designs I've seen. Kind of like a hipster pull up station!

This station can be useful if you want to be able to additional exercises from your construction. It's too much work for me though...maybe you are bored and want a day project?

Measure twice, cut once! - click here

#11 – No Screws Attached

diy pullup bar

Have an exposed beam somewhere in your house? Don't want to screw anything? Want a removable pull up bar? This is the answer!

Similar to those doorway pull up bars, this is freely movable and doesn't leave lasting damage anywhere in the house. That's pretty cool.

No damage to your house, just to your muscles! - click here

#12 – Speaking Of Doorway Pull Up Bars...

build your own pull up bars

Why buy one of those pre made doorway pull up bars when you can have fun making your own? These homemade bar plans got you covered!

The one thing you have to worry about is the strength of your doorway. It won't be the bar that gives. If you don't believe me, check out Youtube for pull up fail videos...you'll find plenty. Don't be the next one!

The doorway to gains! - click here

#13 – The Opposite End Of The Spectrum

outdoor pull up bar

Doorway pull up bars are not always sturdy, but they are funny. If you don't feel like falling because your doorway gives, maybe you should go with an indestructible outdoor pull up bar!

This might be a lot of work and a little expensive. But, you will be confident that the only way you will fall is if your hands give instead of a doorway...

Build something stronger than you'll ever be 🙂 - click here

#14 – Video To The Rescue

backyard pull up bars

Building pull up bars can be tough by just reading instructions, especially if you lack some handyman talents. That's why this comes with a nice video to help you along the way.

Join this new Tim the Tool Man Taylor on this journey...if you don't get that reference you are too young!

Home Improvement in a flannel! - click here

#15 – Are Your Kids Having All The Fun?

build your own pull up bars

Have a playground set in your backyard? It's not fair that your backyard is only fun for the kids. Lets change that and attach a pull up bar to it so you can have fun too!

Another one of the simple ways to build pull ups bar, this project will take little time and provide plenty of sore muscles later!

Turn that playground to a gym - click here

#16 – Pull Ups & Dips...Yes You Should Do Both

how to build a pull up bar

I can't stress this enough, if you are going to build pull up bars, you should be including dip bars too! However, this project seems a little inefficient.

Remember #4? It was a pull up and dip station put together. This project has them separate...why? I don't really no, but I'd go with #4 any day!

Keep them separate if you want - click here

#17 – Plenty Of Pipe Projects

how to make a pull up bar

Another doorway pull up bar. But, this isn't the only thing this website has to offer. There are a lot of cool pipe-based projects for more Calisthenics movements.

If you find that you start to love pull ups (who doesn't?), then you will want to look at more body weight exercises to expand your horizons. Check these out and put on muscles everywhere!

Pipes galore - click here

#18 – Another Simple One

homemade pull up bar

Same project with different pictures pretty much. You know how this one works: find a sturdy beam and attach your pipe-based bar to it for limitless pull ups!

Something unique is the ICDOP crew workout on this website. That stands for I Can't Do One Pull Up...we've all been there. Try that workout out if you need some help getting those pull up reps! You can continue through all those workouts if you'd like.

Simple bar, cool workouts - click here

#19 – Great Standalone Bar For Crazy Pull Ups

diy pull up bar

You ready for some serious pull up variations? That guy sure is!

This DIY free standing pull up bar is another one in the sturdy/permanent category.

Weather proof and heavy duty means you have years to master pull ups – then you can start doing stuff like the guy in picture. Probably start with regular pull ups though!

Do you wear gloves to do pull ups like that guy? - click here

#20 – Less Stress On Your Beams

pull up station

Need more convincing that you won't pull down your support beam while doing pull ups? This project spreads out the stress on your support beams, meaning it's less likely to break anything – maybe your will to do more pull ups!

The creator says it costs under $100 and can support up to three people. That's pretty crazy from a wall/ceiling mount bar. That means you can add additional weight to your sets once you get more advanced.

Plan for your future strength - click here

#21 – Like The Previous Project & Want More?

build pull up bars

If you like #20, then #21 is a nice sight! Similar in design, this one adds an additional bar, meaning it can be used by multiple people at once. Have a workout partner doing the same workout as you? This is perfect for you!

Your workout partner might hate pull ups now - click here

Go Do Some Pull Up Already!

Pull ups are just too important to your upper back musculature to avoid. I used to avoid them and suffered from muscular imbalances! Don't let yourself have those same problems.

Did you like any of those projects? Which one was your favorite? Let me know with a comment and tell your friends about this too. Maybe you and a friend can do this project together and get started

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