Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse Review

As the name states, this is an exercise bike that actually folds up. And it’s very different from any stationary bike you typically see in the gym.The focus and design of this bike is geared toward home use. Surprisingly, this is the one of the best-rated and most popular budget exercise bikes I was able to find online. I decided to give it a shot and bought the
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse and let me just say, I was not disappointed.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse
Exercise bike from right side 

I realized I should have bought it a long time ago. The thing that stands out for me is it has really kicked my motivation into over-drive.

Benefits of Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

1. Back Pain Relief

I have had back pain for years. When I was 23 years old, I lifted something pretty heavy at work and overstrained my back.
I don’t have constant pain, but periodically the pain pops up after I've twisted my back or lifted something heavy. Once this happens, the pain may last for a week or two.
On top of this, almost all my time at work I'm sitting in a chair without much physical activity to speak of.
After riding this upright bike for a little over a month, I surprisingly found that the back pain is gone, and I feel much better.

2. It Really Helps to Burn Calories

With this bike I can see that I’m losing weight at a steady pace. Combining exercise with a low-carb diet can help you shed pounds consistently.

3. Space Saving

Folded bike

One of the biggest benefits of this foldable exercise bike is its space saving feature. Once folded, it can be put in storage, such as the laundry room or as I like to do, the closet. It is just the thing for small spaces and apartments. It requires approximately 4’x3’ of space.

4. Quiet

The Exerpeutic bike is super quiet. When I ride it, I watch TV or listen to music at normal volume. This is a big benefit for people living in close quarters; it won’t disturb your neighbors.To get an idea how quiet it really is, check out my video titled "How To Use" at the bottom of this page

5. Construction

This is a well-constructed heavy-duty bike, made of welded metal with some plastic parts.. The bike is relatively light, weighing a mere 39 pounds. And it’s easy to move; my wife and I have no difficulty relocating it as needed.

6. Assembly

Assembly is easy and straightforward, and if you pay attention to all the diagrams and go step-by-step slowly. You can definitely tackle this yourself. However, because some instructions in the manual are somewhat confusing, I have included a downloadable step-by-step assembly manual below. In it, you can see how my wife was able to assemble the equipment in roughly half an hour.

what is included in the package

All necessary tools are included. Although the owners’ manual shows just one wrench for assembly, it did come with both an Allen wrench and a standard wrench. Additionally, a Phillips head screwdriver is included

Small details, such as L and R indicators on the pedals help to make assembly more straightforward. Additionally, some features have been improved, such as improved security in the pedal assembly with two additional nuts.

Left pedal shaft is counterclockwise threaded and should be turned in the counter-clockwise direction.

Pedal with strap and nut

7. Safety

This equipment is sturdy and keeps its stability even when I’m pedaling with hi-intensity. Pedal straps prevent foot slippage and the bike is stable enough to ride hands-free.. However stay seated! This equipment is not designed to be used as you would an elliptical.

If you plan to use the bike on a wood or tile floor, I would suggest you put it on a rug or foam mat to prevent the bike from moving and potentially scratching the floor while riding.

8. Portability

The front stabilizer has two transport wheels on the bottom, which make the bike so easy to move around. You just need to lift the back end of the bike to easily roll it wherever you want it to go. The front stabilizer is marked with a red label R. Make sure it is installed on the front of the bike.

You can put this exercise bike on any floor: carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate or vinyl

8 Level Magnetic Tension System

What is the Magnetic Tension?

As people may want differing levels of resistance, this bike includes a manually adjustable technologically advanced 8 level magnetic tension system.

There are magnets on each side of the bike’s flywheel. A tension knob controls the position of magnets via cables. Moving magnets closer to the flywheel creates more tension. Moving magnets farther from the flywheel decreases the pedal resistance.

Crank system from right

To increase the resistance, you need to dial the tension knob clockwise.
Tension level 1 corresponds to the lowest resistance whereas level 8 corresponds to the highest. The gradient of resistance is in small increments, so you can get a targeted workout to suit your needs.

I have found it provides enough resistance for a serious workout. For now, I’m riding on level 5. I tried level 6 but I’m not ready yet. It’s good to know this machine can adjust to my needs and provide the challenge to become stronger.


The bike comes with an integrated computer with an ample sized screen.

Computer with handlebar

The bike comes with an integrated computer with an ample sized screen.
The computer runs on two regular AAA batteries (included).
The screen displays the following functions:

  • Odometer – accumulative number of miles “traveled” during your all workouts
  • Speed – pedaling speed in miles per hour
  • Elapsed workout time in minutes and seconds
  • Distance (in miles) “traveled” during the current workout
  • Calories - the number of calories burned during your current workout.
  • Pulse - pulse rate in beats per minute. The computer will display your pulse if you are holding both handlebar sensors.

The computer has an auto on/off feature. When you start pedaling, it will automatically turn on. Leaving it idle for more than 4 minutes prompt the machine to shut off automatically.

If you choose to reset the functions, simply press the button under the computer screen and hold for more than 2 seconds. However, this does not reset the odometer. For that, remove the batteries.

The computer can display all values every 6 seconds in this sequence: time, odometer, calorie, pulse, speed and distance. To enable this mode, you just need to press the button and hold it until the screen displays SCAN.


The seat is large and pretty comfortable. Its size is 11" long and 15" wide.

Seat from top

Some people find the seat too big but for me it is comfortable.
The seat has 6 adjustable levels. At 6’1", I keep mine at the 5th level. My wife is 5’3" and she can easily readjust the seat to the first level when it’s her turn to ride the bike.


The pedals are constructed of hard plastic and feel sturdy. Additionally, the pedal mechanism is very smooth. The pedal strap keeps the feet secure in place and prevents slipping, which ensures a consistent workout.

Pedal with strap

Additional Features

The bike also has a holder for TV remote control.

Remote control holder


To fold the bike, remove the safety pin, align the pin holes on the rear and front frames,
and then insert the safety pin into the lower hole to lock the frames in place.


This bike requires very little maintenance - it’s a good idea to regularly inspect the screws, nuts, and pedal shafts to make sure they are just tight enough.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse Specifications

Weight - 39 lbs
Weight capacity - 300 lbs.
                        Unfolded - 46" height, 37" length
                        Folded - 55-1/2" height, 19-1/2" length
                        Front stabilizer - 22-1/2"
                        Rear stabilizer - 22"

Questions and Answers

If you have more questions about this bike, please check the Upright Exercise Bike - Questions-and-Answers page or watch the videos.


Overall I’m pretty happy with my Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse. It is a great exercise machine for men and women and perfect for all ages.

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