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Nursing Gear

There seems to be a growing trend among the online nursing community. Nurses and nursing student seem to be asking the same questions among one another, but not really getting anywhere with answers. The types of questions all involve a similar theme which is:

1. "I am starting nursing school and I know I need a stethoscope. Which one is best?"

2. "Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what kind of nursing shoes I should buy"

3. "What are the most comfortable scrubs?"

I posed this question to the famous nursing bloggers to see what they had to say about it.
Here are their answers:

Anne Llewellyn

Nurse Advocate

46 - The Weight of My Weight

1. Littmann Classic Stereoscope. I liked it because if was sturdy, had good sound and used by many of my peers.

2. What stethoscope (brand and model) would you suggest to nursing students and why?
Littmann Classic. The only one I have every used in my 40 year career.

3. What nursing shoes you like and why?
Clinics Classic Shoe.

4. What are your favorite scrubs?
No favorite. I usually where white pants, a jacket and a shirt.​

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Joyce Fiodembo

International Nurse Support

46 - The Weight of My Weight

My favorite stethoscope is Littmann. I can hear heart sounds and lung sounds clearly. It is so clear that I can easily differentiate the crackles and rales when listening to lung sounds. It is expensive, but worth the investment.

Best shoes are Skechers. After trying different brands, these are most comfortable. My heels used to hurt after walking 12 hours, now my feel feel great!

Scrubs are Greys Anatomy.

Beth Hawkes


46 - The Weight of My Weight

1. Littmann is a leader in the field and makes several models. You can't go wrong, they are quality stethoscopes with good design.

2. Littmann. Choose a lower price model until you gain experience Depending on your future speciality, you may not need the highest price, dual-head cardiology stethoscope. Watch out for stethoscope snobbery 🙂 Pick a color that makes you happy, and consider having it engraved with your name because stethoscopes can walk.

3. I don't care for clogs as they slip on my feet and cause foot fatigue. I prefer well made tennis shoes.

4. I like Gray's Anatomy for the feel of the fabric and details. There are a lot of quality scrubs available, and you have to find a brand that flatters your build. When you see a nurse with your figure type looking good in their scrubs... ask what brand they are 🙂 When you are comfortable and feel well dressed, you can focus more on your nursing practice!

Sally Villasenor



1. I use a Littmann Cardiology because I work in acute care. It is a high quality stethoscope and fits comfortably.

2. What stethoscope (brand and model) would you suggest to nursing students and why? Littmann Lightweight is a good stethoscope for nursing students, high quality, lighter, comes in different colors, not as expensive as a specialty stethoscope. It has both a diaphragm and a bell that students need for learning to assess different sounds.

3. What nursing shoes you like and why? I like Klogs brand shoes for nursing. I wear the Klogs Dusty Open Back, they are comfortable and cushy for being on your feet for 12 hours. They are very easy to clean, you can wipe them with antibacterial wipes. There are other styles for both men and women.

4. What are your favorite scrubs? Being “old school” I always wore Landau, however, recently I have been wearing Heart & Soul (stretchy & comfortable)

Kathy Quan

The Nursing Site


My experience will be different or unique because my career has been spent in home health and hospice. The past 15+ years, I have been solely in the office as support staff in various roles, and not in the field. My favorite stethoscope is the Littmann Classic SE III. It's well made, flexible to bend and fold into my bag, and can be easily cleaned and sanitized between patients. I sometimes have difficulty hearing low sounds and this one works best for me.

My advice to students is to buy the best stethoscope you can afford; or ask for one for a gift. The Littmann Classic II would be my suggestion, but students may not be able to spend that much. I have used some very in expensive scopes and they have worked well even for hearing faint murmurs. A stethoscope is an individualized tool and my best advise would be to test your own ears with it before purchasing, or not hesitating to return if it's not a good fit for your hearing needs.

Nursing shoes should be comfortable and offer good arch support. Invest in something that supports your feet, knees and back! Consider an orthotic insert early on in your career if you have any tinge of knee or back pain with standing long hours. I like Dansko clog type shoes because they support my needs even as part of my office attire.

I can't really answer about scrubs. They've never been a part of the ""uniform"" when I was in the field. We wore street clothes that fit a theme for whatever agency. The 2 years I worked in a hospital, we wore white uniforms, and if needed, we wore hospital supplied scrubs. I wear business attire in my office job.

Elisabeth Barclay

Diary of a School Nurse


My favorite stethoscope is the Littmann Classic 3M 🙂 This is the onlybrand I've used since I graduated from nursing school in 1995 🙂

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We have tried to encapsulate from other registered nurses who have either been in the industry a long time or know exactly what they are talking about.

As professionals in the industry, their opinion and advice should be listen too. This is especially important if you are just starting out as a student nurse. I hope the interviews above have been interesting and informative.

Additionally, I hope that you are able to take some of this information in and make the right decision when buying new gear.

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