History of the exercise bike

Do you know where an exercise bike (also called as stationary bicycle, stationary bike, spinning bike, exercise bicycle, spin bike, or exercycle) came from?

Interesting that the first such “bike” was invented and patented in 1796 by Francis Lowndes. I was called “Gymnasticon”.

In Volume 6 of “The Repertory of Patent Inventions, and Other Discoveries and Improvements …, published in London, on September 9, 1796, it was listed as “Machine for exercising the Human Body“.

The machine looked like a stationary bicycle and was constructed from wood with metal parts.
It was consisted of number of wheels, fly-wheels connected to wooden treadles or treading-boards for feet and cranks for hands. Also, it included a seat for comfortable exercising.


Francis Lowndes invented the machine to be used for medical purposes to treat debility, rheumatism, palsy, etc. It was designed to apply motion and exercise to the joints and muscles of the human body.

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