How To Properly Set Up Spin Bike: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Properly Set Up Bike

Spinning is amazing! It’s great for your body, your muscles and your cardiovascular system. But do you know how to properly set up your spin bike?

Many people still believe that as long as they are feeling comfortable on their bike, then it is set up correctly – this is not the case. To set up spin bike it is not as simple as you might think, it is something that you need to learn and try for yourself.

That is why I have put together this article, to help you learn the best way to set up your spin bike for your height and build.

Step-by-Step Guide How To Properly Set Up Spin Bike


Get to know your bike

If you have just bought your first spin bike or you are going to your first spin class, then you must be very excited.

However, if you need to adjust your bike, then the first thing you need to do is get to know your bike.

Most bikes have the following bike adjustments: handlebar height, handle bar reach, seat tilt angle, seat depth, seat height and the pedal cage. So learn where each of these adjustments is on your specific bike and then move onto step number two.


Adjust the saddle

Adjust the saddle


Your saddle seat needs to be at the right height so that your knees do not lock into full extension.

  • To work out the best saddle seat height, stand next to your bike.
  • Raise one knee until your thigh is parallel with the floor.
  • Then adjust the saddle seat so that it is at the same height as your thigh.
  • Make sure that you tighten the knob very tight because the worst thing that could happen is you come crashing down in the middle of a class or workout.

Adjust the saddle seat depth

Adjust the saddle seat depth


  • To determine the best depth for your body, place your elbow at the tip of the saddle and point your fingers towards the hand bar.
  • Your fingers should just be able to touch the handle bar.
  • If they do not touch, then bring your seat depth forward until your elbow-to-fingers fit perfectly between the seat and the handle bar.

Another way to determine the correct depth is by checking that your knee is perfectly inline with your foot.

  • So sit on the bike with the pedal at the top of the cycle.
  • Then check that your knee and toes are aligning

Adjust the saddle seat tilt

The saddle tilt is often overlooked but it can make a big difference to your riding.  You might not think that the tilt of your seat is very important but actually the tilt most contributes to your core stability.

The tilt of your seat should always be adjusted to the neutral position, that means parallel to the floor. However some people like to tilt the seat for comfort, this could be to alleviate pain or pressure in the knees or the groin.


Adjust the handle bar height

Many people still use their arms in cycling and that is why they usually have their handlebars adjusted too high. This is one of the top mistakes.

The handle bar should actually be the same height as your seat. Also, make sure that when you are sitting on your bike that your arms have a slight bend in them. Once you develop a strong core it is ok to drop the handlebars a little lower.

But that is only once you have learnt that the handlebars are only there to help you balance, nothing else. Your weight should never be on your handlebars but always on your legs.


Adjust the cage

Adjust the pedal cage

The cage is the strap that goes around your pedal. The pedal actually has two sides, the cage and the cleats.

If you don’t have proper cycling shoes then the best side to use is the cage. All you have to do is place your shoe through the cage and pull the strap tightly over your toes.

Many of the straps on the cages on the bikes in the spinning classes are usually broken. If the strap is broken do not use it, because this can affect your whole body while cycling.


Use the cleat

Use the cleat


If you have proper cycling shoes that have cleats, then flip over the pedal and click your shoes into the cleats.

Investing in cycling shoes is a good idea because these shoes relieve any pressure that can build on the top of your feet.

These shoes also give you the ability to up stroke rather than just down stroke. All serious riders use them and they use them for good reason.


So do you now understand how to properly set up your indoor bike? By using these seven steps you will enjoy cycling much more and your body won’t experience any of those annoying little pains and pressures.

So if you attend spin class then make sure you get there at least 5 minutes early to set up your bike because a proper set up will make a world of difference. Just remember, if you want to get the most out of your cycling then spend time correctly setting up your spin bike.

If you have enjoyed this article, have any suggestions or you want to learn more, then please leave a comment below or feel free to contact us personally.

Happy spinning!

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