Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Review

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Overview

The genesis of the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle began more than 20 years ago. It was when Keiser set out to meet the requirements of all indoor bikers of all body shapes and sizes. This spinning bike achieved a true road bike experience due to simple and elegant engineering designs. This is the only bike built in the USA that meets all the quality standards through a stringent quality control.

The Keiser M3i is the next level of innovation in the Keiser M3 series. Today we review the M3i indoor cycle. This indoor bike also offers Bluetooth connectivity and other enhanced group cycle benefits. The M3i is the culmination of the lessons learned, experience gained and innovation.

Technical Specifications

Maximum user weight 300 lbs.
Flywheel weight 8 lbs.
User height from 4’10” to 6’4″
Shipping dimensions 41″ x 10″ x 35″
Assembled dimensions
Height 45″
Width 26″
Length 49″
Weight 85 Lbs.
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Keiser M3i Features

There are four types of indoor cycles – the upright, the studio, the recumbent and the combination bikes with the elliptical and exercise bike in the same machine. This studio bike comes with unique features:
Keiser M3 Cycle

  • The flywheel – The design of the M3i is totally unique with the flywheel positioned at the back.
  • The V – shaped frame is heavier to lower the centre of gravity for enhanced stability.
  • The 4-way adjustable seat moves upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards to accommodate the user’s height and length of limbs.
  • The 4-way adjustable handlebar – The Keiser M3i also comes with an area adjustment. That is, you can adjust the distance between the handlebar and seat, besides its height and the angle. The design of the handlebar has an overhand front grip, the extended grip and the hook or the middle grip. This design not only accommodates a range of heights but also personal preferences. Furthermore, it offers great support when switching from low to high-intensity workout.
  • Simple seat adjustment pull-pin with height and distance settings. This makes it easy to adjust the distances between the seat and handlebar.
  • The transport wheels at the front base stabilizer. The advantage of indoor bikes is that they are easy to store away or pulled out for a workout. All you need to do is tip the M3i using the handlebar and roll the equipment on its wheels to anywhere you like.
  • Eddy current magnetic resistance system offers 24 resistance levels. The system works on a series of gear changes controlled by a resistance shifter, i.e., the red lever just under the console. The resistance shifter controls the strength of the magnetic field that meets the flywheel.
  • The water bottle holder is a small recess moulded into the frame between the pedals and handlebar.
  • Media tray – To display your smartphone or tablet.

Computer Features

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

  • The Bluetooth wireless capability connects to workout app on the smartphone or tablet. The apps track and sync the power, time, distance, heart rate, pulse, RPM and calories burnt.
  • The backlit sensor adjusts to the ambient light in the room and turns on when required.
  • The Console mounted at the centre of the handlebar offers readouts of:
  • The Cadence in RPM
  • The Power Output in Watts/Kcal
  • The Heart Rate (HR)
  • The Elapsed Time
  • The Current Gear or Resistance Level
  • The Odometer that records the Trip Distance


The manufacturer warranty is all-inclusive for 3 years. It only excludes the labour and wearable parts (pedal cage, the T-handle, the pedal strap and the saddle upholstery) that hold a 6 months’ warranty.

Shipping and Assembly

The shipping weight of the equipment is 150 pounds and delivered for free. The package includes an illustrated user manual but no assembly tools such as the wrench, etc. You will need to assemble the adjustment poles, the flywheel, the stabiliser bars, the saddle, the handlebar, and the console.

To download Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Assembly & Owner’s Manual click here.

What I Like

The Keiser M3i is suitable for home users and group exercise classes, as the bike comes with labelled height and distance settings of various users simply at a pull of a pin. It has a top-notch design & functionality with the rear-mounted flywheel and aerodynamic design. The eddy current magnetic resistance system ensures a smooth transition between 24 levels of resistance. The Bluetooth App Connectivity with various apps, such as the BKool Indoor and GoInd, help to track your performance over time.

What I Didn’t Like

We can’t seem to find any negatives to review, yet to cover this field; there are no preprogrammed workouts. These are huge motivators to push you to work out beside the price may be steep for some.

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Final Words

For the price, you get every possible innovation and ergonomics of the design in this bike. The adjustability of the equipment, the various resistance levels and the Bluetooth connectivity offer endless possibilities for a workout. Besides, the Keiser M3i has passed the EN ISO 20957-1 for accuracy testing on its power display. The European Safety Organization tested the equipment for the accuracy of data reporting in the class of exercise equipment. In addition, this bike has set exacting standards for indoor cycling with its accurate feedback on your workouts.

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