Top 75 Running Blogs You Should Follow in 2017


If you’re looking for practical, insightful and educational running blogs, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 75 best running blogs online. As you know, there’s no shortage of high-quality blogs on the web. But we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute cream of the crop.

In 2017, we want more than treadmills and exercise bikes and more inspiration. Whether it’s for inspiration or advice and resources, these blogs were made for you. Following these bloggers through 2017 will keep you healthy and help you strive for even more.

Carrots N Cake


From healthy recipes to workout tips, this blog has everything you are looking for. This blog knows that running is only part of the recipe to wellness. That's why they offer you a daily dose of easy, healthy recipes alongside workout tips.

Fannetastic Food


This blog has one major theme, which you should add to your life to be healthy, not subtract things. To them, this means that you shouldn't want for anything while you strive to be your healthiest. To help you out, they give you tips on better ways to think about health and delicious, healthy recipes.

Run to the Finish


Running is more than a workout to the author of this blog, it is a lifestyle. This blog offers recipes and workout tips, but more than that it provides a community. They realize that you need support to change your lifestyle and be healthy, so they're here to help!

Science of Running


Running seems like such a simple exercise without any thought. Well, since it is so simple, we tend to forget there is a science behind it. That's where this blog comes in. This blog covers the science of running. For example, how your brain processes when you’re working out or tips for better technique when you run.

Mommy, Run Fast!


There aren't many people who have a harder time trying to fit working out into their schedules than busy moms. This blog offers training schedules and anecdotes from the author. A busy mom herself, she knows that if she can do it, so can you!

Salads 4 Lunch


As the name would suggest, this blog has a lot of tips on how to eat well and stay healthy. With added anecdotes from the author, this blog never gets too dull either. This is definitely a great blog for interesting reads on staying healthy throughout 2017.

You Signed Up for What?!?


This blog exists for and because of competitive runners. This blog delves into running tips for marathon runners, triathletes, and so forth. With an author who competes in contests such as the Ironman Championship, she is a trustworthy source.

Meals and Miles


This blog brings to the table tips for running and healthy cooking. This is interesting because it is done via personal stories from the author. She also features some product reviews, such as strollers to run with, that readers will find useful.

Live Love Surf


Balancing everything in your life can get difficult. This blog is here to help make it a little easier, though. The author provides stories and tips to help you relax and take in the world around you. It may seem like too much, but this blog is here to help you get through!



Coach Suz writes this blog to keep you fit and safe while you run. With tips on how to be your healthiest in mind and body, this blog offers something for everyone. To keep safe from stress and stress fractures this year, this is the blog to follow.

MCM Mama Runs


This blog is nine years running and has kept its readers happy all the while. Written by a runner and mom, she keeps us updated on her life and tells us about different products. For those readers who want more out of their blogs, she also does giveaways and offers tips to new and seasoned runners.

The Fit Foodie Mama


This blog offers a good deal of content for every kind of reader. From workout tips to songs to add to your gym playlist, this blog will keep you going all throughout the year. You can even buy a strength training for runners DVD on the website.

Eat Pray Run DC


Courtney uses this blog to give us tips and keep us updated on her running. Not only is her blog a joy to read, but she is a kind soul and that shows in her posts. Reading this blog, you'll feel like Courtney cares about you as a reader and a person.

Mile Posts


We sometimes forget that there is more to running than just exercise and technique. This blog helps you with all the tips you forget about, from the perfect music to safety tips. With this blog, you'll be able to refresh your thoughts about running and stay inspired.

Preppy Runner


This blog has a broader aspect than running alone. It is written to inspire fitness and health in every sense. Following this blog will give you plenty of advice and inspiration this year.

Shut Up and Run


The author of this blog is fearless and funny. Her focus is to not only tell you stories of her running but give you some tips as well. Following her blog will keep you inspired and motivated in 2017.

VITA- Train for Life


This blog is named VITA for "life" and aims to help you live your healthiest one possible. This blog is here to make sure you succeed and live your healthiest life. Its goal is to help with all the hard work behind making something look easy.



This mother of twins knows busy when she sees it. So, her blog is here to inspire and instruct those trying to be healthy in a busy life. Following her throughout 2017 will help you learn to make time for fitness.

Crazy Running Girl


This blog has a brutal honesty to it that is relatable to readers. With tips and anecdotes to help you with training and staying healthy, this blog is one to watch.

Jill Will Run


Jill is a distance runner with a lot of experience and a lot of advice to give her readers. Her blog is full of stories and tips, as well as advice on eating disorders as well. She has worked hard for her health, she wants to help you do the same.

Run Wiki


We all know the term Wiki equals facts as far as the Internet is concerned. Yet, this blog offers recipes, stories, and exciting tips to keep your daily run interesting.

Run for Cookies


This blog serves as more of a journal with inspiration in the stories. This author shares an inspiring story on her road to health. The lessons she learned with definitely help you on your own journey as well.

Running Escapades


Amy is the mastermind behind this blog. She uses it as a way to tell her readers about her stories in the running. These stories are not only inspiring but also filled with ideas for other runners as well.



Judy is a runner with a taste for chocolate who is easy to relate to. She not only shares her tips with other runners but reviews books, DVDs, and gear as well. As a treat, she also shares baking tips for after running as well.

Dairy of a Rubbish Marathon Runner


As the title conveys, this blog is relatable and funny. Don't let that fool you, though, because what this blogger has to say is far from silly. With worthwhile stories and advice, this blog will help you all throughout the new year.

Runner Dude’s Blog


This blog has everything a runner could possibly need. From tips to workouts to recipes, this blog covers it all. There is even a section of the blog dedicated to preventing injuries to keep you on track with your workouts.

Running with Music


This blog is dedicated to more than just the best techniques for running. This blog is about enjoying your running just as much as you benefit. Following this blog will help you remember why you run and why you enjoy it.

Vicky’s Ultrarunning Adventures


Vicky is a mom and a runner who learned how to better herself on the track. She shares her story of going from a poor runner to a talented one and keeps us updated on her races. Not only does this blog feature a variety of helpful tips, but it is also inspiring as well.

Back at Square Zero


Abby is the charismatic author of this blog. She shares her stories in the running, but that is only a small part of what she offers. There is also a section dedicated to running tips and tricks to keep you on top of your game as well.

Breathe Deeply and Smile


Lauren is a self-proclaimed foodie, health nut, and dedicated to enjoying running and life. Her blog mostly follows her adventures in food and health. It is sure to provide a fantastic read continuing through 2017.

Divas Run for Bling


We see a lot of unhealthy habits in people's quest to be beautiful anymore. Well, this blog is focused on making health look beautiful. With tips, workout ideas, and inspiration, this blog has what it takes to help people feel and look better.

Lean, Clean, and Brie


This blog uses a variety of tactics to help with fitness. The first is, of course, making available of different exercises and fitness routines. Yet, working out is only part of the job. So, this blog also offers a variety of recipes to eat healthy as well.

The Fit Fork


Recipes, running, and workouts, oh my! This blog offers a wide variety of tips and tricks keep you fit. Read and use this resource throughout 2017 for a healthy and happy year.



The author started this blog when she was a junior in college, so she brings a young, fresh face to fitness. She aims not only to help her readers stay fit and healthy but to enjoy their experiences along the way.

Diary of a Semi-Health Nut


Once again, we are reminded that running alone won't pave the road to fitness. This blog is here to help though with healthy recipes you'll enjoy to back up your workouts. You can also work directly with the author for more tips and tricks.

Marcia's Healthy Slice


Marcia's multifaceted blog has been and continues to be a great success. She features tips and recipes as well as product reviews and giveaways. For those looking for inspiration, she also tells stories of her running and races.

Running Rachel


Rachel offers both advice and anecdotes in her blog. She also does sponsored ads but only of products relevant to her readers. This allows her readers to find products they might enjoy as well.

Running with Perseverance


As you could guess from the title, this blog is all about keeping at your fitness no matter what. As a mother with a full-time career and some injuries along the way, Coco knows quite a bit about obstacles. This makes her content very real and relatable.

A Lady Goes West


Ashley and her blog are full of adventure and health tips. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, Ashley is no amateur to the content she gives. She writes us worthwhile tips for working out and being healthy all while giving us her stories too.

Run Pretty


Presley is a busy woman and mother, so her blog is easy to relate to for many of us. She uses this as a place to keep us updated on her life while sharing tips for workouts and products at the same time.

Running with SD Mom


Smitha gives us a little bit of everything in the pages of her blog. From product reviews and giveaways to recipes to her own personal stories, this blog has it all. If you follow her in 2017, you are sure to stay intrigued.



Bobbi stresses that her blog is her stories and not medical advice. Yet, you are bound to find some nifty tips and inspiration inside her blog. She writes about her own workouts and meals, sharing her story with us along the way.



Jessica is a marathon and triathlete trainer, so she's no stranger to hard work and fitness. She shares tips on working out, staying hydrated, injury prevention, and so much more. This blog is perfect for any endurance runner in 2017.

Running with the Girls


Jen is relatable because of a simple truth. As we all did, she once hated to run but now, she's in love. She shares not only her journeys in this blog but also some tips and recipes for us as well.

The Cookie ChRUNicles


Meredith is dedicated to three concepts; running, cooking, and her son. A single mother, Meredith's busy life is a relatable read. Her tips are to be appreciated as well with everything from running to recipes.

Coach Debbie Runs


Debbie is a certified trainer with 27 marathons of experience under her belt. So, it's safe to say she's a trustworthy source on running. With workouts, recipes, and even blogging tips, this blog is sure to please.

Running, Loving, Living


Toni is an RN, so she knows a thing or two when it comes to health. She uses her blog both to share the information she's learned and tell us about her life. She tells us how to live our lives to the fullest in a healthy way.

Weight Off My Shoulders


Dani is here for anyone who wants to be healthy. In particular, though, she relates to anyone who has struggled with their weight. Either by being overweight or with an eating disorder, she wants you to know there is a better way. She tells us about herself, tips, and recipes to help us along the way.

Powered By BLING


This blog is all about you. It was created to help keep you inspired, active, and eating healthy. The premise of Cassandra's idea is to empower you to reach your own goals in fitness.



This blog is run by the dedicated and energetic Mississippi woman, Tricia. She rights all about herself, her races, and her road to being the best she can be. While you won't find recipes or workouts here, there is plenty of inspiration to go around.

The Athletetarian


Christina is an athlete, a vegetarian, and a talented blogger. She shares with us her recipes and her life. If you are looking for workout ideas, she goes over her routines in the blog as well.

The Bull Runner


Jaymie brings a strong personality and ambition to this blog. She shares both her stories in racing and encourages strength in others as well. Keep tuned in 2017, though, because she's currently compiling a guide for new runners as well.

Fine Fit Day


Carly knows the struggle fitting running into a busy life. So, she's here with a blog full of tips to keep you at the top of your game. With tips from this personal trainer, you're sure to be inspired and fit this year.



Jill is a registered dietician, so you can rely on her blog for sound advice. This, of course, means that there is some eating promoted with running in this blog. Yet, Jill takes it beyond just standard recipe lists. She also offers as her career individual nutrition coaching, so you eat right for your body.

Dr. Nick’s Running Blog


Yet another reliable source, Dr. Nick is a podiatrist. He is both dedicated to running and helping runners with injuries. So, his blog features product reviews from a health standpoint as well as tips for training. Following his tips and tricks could save you from a lot of painful injuries.

Marathons and Macarons


Gabrielle is the fun and certified author of this blog. As the name might suggest, this blog specializes in two categories, running and cooking. For running, Gabrielle fills us in on her races and how she trains for them. The other half of the blog is full of recipes you're sure to love.

Veggie Runners


Jayne and Bibi Rodgers run this blog together as mother and daughter. They provide you with recipes and tips as well as songs to run to. All their recipes are vegan as well, so they are healthy and perfect if you are or looking to be vegan.

A Cup of Kellen


Kellen brings together food, fitness, and a sense of adventure in her blog. Her recipes are broken down by meal, so you know exactly where they fit. She also includes reviews for restaurants in this section as well. Fitness covers both her races as well as workouts and tips.

From Dancing to Running


Being active her whole life, Kathryn fell in love the minute she tried her hand at running. By following her blog, you can hear her story and stay updated on the races she's training for. She also includes recipes as well for her readers to enjoy.

Running. Food. Baby.


As the name suggests, this blog has three main facets: running, cooking, and parenting. As a parent, teacher, and avid runner, Rebecca knows what she's talking about on all fronts. She also works with different companies to support and promote products she believes in.

Run Steff Run


Steff is a dedicated runner who keeps us up to date on her races and fills us in on her favorite products. Every Tuesday, she also a bit called "Tunes Tuesday". This serves to give you new workout music as well as introduce you to other running blogs you may enjoy.

Taking the Long Way Home


Wendy's blog features her shining personality in writing, races, and even a book club. She also offers an important and unique set of tips. These focus on running with RA, which is or will be a reality for many runners. Her tips and can-do attitude are sure to help you keep going.

Tutus and Tennies


Mary Beth, or MB, is the proud runner behind this blog. Her sense of humor permeates her writings and makes for an entertaining read. She gives us advice on how she became the runner she never thought she could, a truly inspiring story.

Running with Attitude


Running brings peace and fitness into Michelle's life and she wants to share it with you. By showing you the right products and keeping you inspired, Michelle will help you love running too. She will also keep you updated on what races she's doing and when you can join her!

Lisa Runs for Cupcakes


This blog follows Lisa through her races and cupcake cravings. She has been running for a good part of her life with some breaks here and there. So, you can trust that she has a lot to say on the subject and will keep her stories honest.

Movin’ It with Michelle


As a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, Michelle is no stranger to working hard. She fell in love with running a little while after her retirement and is now here to share that love with you. With tips and recipes, she's sure to help you bring this year in with good health.

Tom’s Next Step


Tom is a dedicated and charismatic runner as well as the author of this blog. His blog follows him through his races and charity events. It is an inspirational blog to follow. Especially since Tom says he's not a long-distance runner yet completed a run around the world.

Can’t Stop Endurance


This blog is all about training and coaching for endurance. The idea is that you can complete any goal you dedicate yourself to with the right training. The tips in this blog are sure to push you hard, but you'll get fantastic results.

Old Man Running


This blogger is impressive because at the age of 81 he is still a talented and active runner. He has 43 years of experience under his belt to reference, so there's plenty of advice in this blog. Not only does he keep you updated on his running, but helps you with yours as well.

Racing Stripes


Elizabeth is ready to inspire with her stories in her running career. She has done this both with her blog and her book, Boston Bound. She keeps us up to date on her life and training and makes for an interesting read.

Keep Life Simple


Annette is a professional health and fitness coach as well as a trusted blogger for running. She uses her blog as a space to share why she feels so good and healthy at the age of 51. With her advice, you'll be happy and healthy too.

Mom on the Run


This blog offers up a little something for everyone. With recipes, reviews, and even parenting tips, there's bound to be something you enjoy. The author's writing style also keeps you interested rather than delivering in a boring way.

The Pursuit of Awesome


Alison's blog is dedicated to sharing health through running and yoga. She knows how important fitness is and is here to share everything she knows. This includes teaching you all about ultrayoga and how it can help you.

Runner Girl Training


The author of this blog is a fitness consultant determined to bring health to her readers. She offers us her story and personal training and sports conditioning coaching. You won't find another blog that is this interactive with its readers.

Wrapping It Up

All these blogs have a common theme: helping you be the best you can be through health.
Whether you’re an ultra-marathoner or a weekend warrior, these running blogs give you the tools, tips and techniques you need to get the most out of your run.

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