Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine Review


The SOLE E35 Elliptical is the cutting-edge fitness equipment in the market. With features like a 7.5” white backlit LCD display, a built-in cooling fan and water bottle holder. The console also has built-in speakers to plug and play any MP3 player and enjoy your elliptical workout. It is one of the best ellipticals as it offers fluid motion due to a whisper-quiet drive system that you can pedal in the forward and reverse direction.

Sole E35 Elliptical

The SOLE E35 has a heavy 25 lb. flywheel and a high gear ratio for a smooth feel with plenty of resistance that ensures a demanding workout. In addition, the SOLE Elliptical E35 has a power incline feature that offers extra resistance and variable positions at the touch of a button. The E35 SOLE Elliptical has an adjustable ramp that goes through 0 to 20 different incline levels to work all the major lower body muscles.

The SOLE E35 Elliptical is also ideal for upper body exercise thus providing a total body workout. The stationary handlebars have built-in pulse sensors to track the heart rate. A chest strap is for a hands-free pulse monitoring through the heart rate interactive programs. Oversize foot pedals come with adjustable footbeds and a 2-degree inward slope.

The four rear wheels riding on heavy-duty rails provide a stable feel while pedaling. The new SOLE E35 comes with Bluetooth capability. This allows the user to transfer workout data from the equipment to the SOLE Fitness app on their smart devices.

Technical Specifications

Maximum user weight 375 lbs.
Assembled dimensions
Height 67″
Width 31″
Length 82″
Weight 231 Lbs.
Shipping dimensions 66″ x 23″ x 34″
Shipping Weight 300 Lbs.
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Sole Fitness E35


This SOLE Fitness elliptical machine comes with:

  • An electronic console with a vibrant display. It has a built-in water bottle holder, cooling fan, built-in speakers compatible with an MP3 player.
  • The Bluetooth technology allows users to transfer workout data from the elliptical machine to the smart device using the fitness app.
  • Custom-designed Foot Pedals with a 2-degree inward slope and adjustable footbeds.
  • The Articulating/Adjustable Foot Pedals to the E35, E55 and E95 positions include level adjustment features.
  • The Power Incline with 0 to 20 levels.
  • The Sturdy Frame built from thick, heavy steel to support high weight capacities. The frame includes multi-position handgrips that provide workout variance.
  • Quiet drive system with a 29 lb flywheel for a fluid, natural motion in forward and reverse directions.
  • Four rear wheels on heavy-duty rails to reduce side-to-side foot pedal motion.
Sole E35 Elliptical Machine

Computer Features

The SOLE Fitness elliptical machines have
• a 7.5” white backlit console comes with
o Bluetooth Compatible
o 6 Standard Programs
o 2 Custom Programs
o 2 Heart Programs
o Heart Rate Monitors in the chest strap and pulse grips on the handles


The frame of the SOLE E35 Elliptical comes with a lifetime warranty while the electronics and parts have a 5 years’ warranty. They offer free service at home.

Shipping and Assembly

The shipping dimensions of the SOLE E35 are 66″ X 23″ X 34″ in length, width and height while it weighs 300 pounds.

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical

What I Like

The 2 inward slope with wider footbeds reduce ankle and knee stress caused by other elliptical machines. The pedals on the E35 SOLE Elliptical take three positions the E35, E55 and E95. A leading physiotherapist and SOLE Fitness engineers designed this equipment. These pedals have adjustment features that help reduce the numb toe effects and the sore Achilles tendons. This means that the SOLE E35 Elliptical helps the user achieve fitness goals with reduced pain and discomfort.

The E35 SOLE Elliptical goes through 20 incline levels this helps to target and work out the major lower body muscle groups. The upper body workout combines with the 20 incline positions on the SOLE Elliptical E35 to create workout variations.

Working out on the SOLE E35 Elliptical increases aerobic capacity that burns calories. As it is a non-impact workout, it does not strain on the joints. The SOLE Elliptical E35 offers a total body workout as you can exercise the lower and upper body on the same equipment.

What I Didn’t Like

This E35 SOLE Elliptical is not a foldable elliptical machine and the stride is non-adjustable.

Final Words

Our elliptical review for the E35 is superlative. As it comes with never seen before features such as the Bluetooth compatibility with smart devices. Elliptical trainers have lauded the 0-20 power inclines for variable fitness workouts.

So many features on elliptical machines that offer a full body workout with 10 built-in programs and other features make them a fitness necessity. The heart rate monitor and SOLE Fitness app make it easy to track your fitness goals. SOLE Elliptical E35 is custom-built in consultation with the professionals in the fitness industry.

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