Top 25 Running Blogs You Should Be Following in 2016

Running Blogs

Running is important to many of us, both as exercise and as a form of therapy. As runners, we constantly look for ways to spice up a treadmill work out, ideas for ways to maintain a diet that fits our exercise, and even inspiration for those days when we’re feeling a little sluggish.
Below we've listed our favorite 25 best running blogs to provide you with any information you may need whether you’re getting ready for your next race or just enjoying a morning run.

Top 25 Running Blogs

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Judy - Chocolaterunsjudy

Chocolaterunsjudy is a blog run by a woman named Judy. This blog is on the list because it is informative as well as it’s relatable. In the “about me” section she describes how she never particularly liked exercise, a feeling many of us know well. However, she writes about how she learned to love running and gives updates on her personal training and life as well as gives tips and various reviews to us.

Diary of a Rubbish Marathon Runner

Thomas -  The Diary of a Rubbish Marathon Runner

The Diary of a Rubbish Marathon Runner is written by a man named Thomas who describes running in Caragh Lake, Kerry, Ireland. This running blog is interesting because it offers us a look into the life and training of a runner with an impressive, long list of races.

Runnerdude’s Blog

Thad - Runnerdude’s Blog

Runnerdude’s Blog is run by running and fitness coach Thad McLaurin from Greensboro, North Carolina. This blog makes the list for its outstanding diversity. It is an outstanding resource for anything a runner might need whether its tips to prevent injuries or information about other runners.

You Signed Up for What?!

Cynthia - You Signed Up for What?!

You Signed Up for What?! is a blog run by working mother of three, Cynthia. This blog offers stories about Cynthia’s life in running and travel as well as recipes. As the title of the blog suggests, it offers all this with a lighthearted humor.

Mile Posts

Dorothy - Mile Posts

Mile Posts is a blog written by runner Dorothy Beal who is a freelance writer and has appeared on the cover of several fitness magazines. This blog is full of stories about Dorothy’s running and races as well as tips and product reviews for runners.

Shut Up and Run

Beth - Shut Up and Run

Shut up and run is a blog operated by Beth Risden. This running blog is rather uplifting and encouraging and Beth even tells us her mantra is “Don’t let fear hold you down.” This blog also offers Beth’s stories of races and being a trainer. Her sense of humor brings each story to life.

STUFT Mama Running Blog

Kristin - STUFT Mama

Kristin is the proud mother of twin boys and author of the one of the popular marathon blogs.
This blog is full of tips, recipes, and endearing stories about Kristin’s twin boys. In addition, Kristin keeps her readers updated on sales and products they may enjoy and benefit from.

MCM Mama Runs

Erika - MCM Mama Runs

Erika is the proud owner of MCM Mama Runs. She is a mother of two and an avid runner. On her blog you can find stories about running, or you can learn all about her favorite beers. This blog is perfect for anyone who finds comfort in running and likes a unique blog that will keep them reading and will teach them some fun facts.

Running Escapades

Running Blog

Running Escapades is a product of fitness-lover Amy. She provides us with the story of how she fell in love with running and how she stays fit. Her blog is surely one to inspire you into action.

Marathon Goddess

Julie - Marathon Goddess

Unique and deeply inspiring are the first descriptions that come to mind when reading Marathon Goddess. Julie found running when she was going through a rough time in her life. Now she runs marathons, is a motivational speaker and actively raises money for research on pancreatic cancer, the disease that took her father.

Coach Debbie Runs

Debbie - Coach Debbie Runs

Debbie is an RRCA certified running coach and personal trainer as well as the head of her blog Coach Debbie Runs. Not only does this blog grace us with tips and training plans, but healthy recipes and simple inspiration as well.

Mississippi Piddlin

Tricia - Mississippi Piddlin

Mississippi Piddlin is a blog run by a confident Southern woman, Tricia. Her blog will provide you with tips on running, training, and stories of travel. There is even a weekly news she puts out called the Weekly Wrap to keep readers updated.

Running with an Attitude

Michelle - Running with an Attitude

The mother of two boys and a dog she loves, Michelle is also the author of Running with an Attitude. This blog is built on her idea that if you can’t control anything else in your day, you can control your attitude about it. Her blog is funny, educational, and bound to inspire.

Move in it with Michelle

Michelle -  Move in it with Michelle

Michelle is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and the founder of Move in it with Michelle. This blog is a fantastic place to find recipes, running tips, and some of Michelle’s personal stories.

Can’t Stop Endurance

Kevin - Can't Stop Endurance

Coach Kevin Leathers is the author of Can’t Stop Endurance. This blog primarily focuses on how to get the most out of your run and personal advice from a certified coach.

Old Man Running

Allen - Old Man Running

Old Man Running is run by 80-year old Allen Leigh. Truly inspiring, with almost 40 years of experience, he gives younger runners priceless tips.

Taking the Long Way Home

Wendy - Taking the Long Way Home

Taking the Long Way Home by Wendy Rivard who is also a mom and pediatric nurse practitioner. Her blog is for running tips and the meeting grounds for a book club made to inspire.

Running Food Baby

Rebecca - Running Food Baby

Rebecca is the author of Running Food Baby as well as a teacher and a mother. This blog has a fantastic diversity, with tips for both running and parenting. Her blog serves as both entertaining and informative.


Jamie - Jamiepang

Jamie Pang is a runner based in Malaysia and the author of his self-titled blog, Jamiepang. This blog is featured for its interesting, informative feeling, with stories of his travel for races as well as information about races themselves.

Running with SD Mom

Smitha - Running with SD Mom

Smitha is a dedicated mom and the author of Running with SD Mom. Her blog features recipes, product reviews, and stories about her life. This blog is full of useful information and personality as well.

Daily Momtivity

Nicole and Shannon - Daily Momtivity

Daily Momtivity is run by best friends and moms Nicole and Shannon. This blog not only focuses on running, but it gives tips and stories about being a mother. This blog serves not only as a good resource but has a very genuine feeling to it.

Two Runners Travel

Pam and Christine - Two Runners Travel

Two Runners Travel is the product of Pam and Christine, a mother and daughter team who races together. This blog is full of personal stories that are rich with tips for you in your running.

I Run in the Rain

Charlotte - I Run in the Rain

Charlotte shares a heartwarming story of how running helped her get fit the way she wanted in her blog I Run in the Rain. She gives us stories about her and tips and recipes for us to live our healthiest lives as well.

Weight Off My Shoulders

Dani - Weight Off My Shoulders

Dani blogs because of a back injury she sustained on her back. Her blog, Weight Off My Shoulders is to inspire anyone who is struggling or anyone who wants to run and she does this well.

Dr. Nick’s Running Blog

Dr. Campitelli

This running blog is run by Dr. Nick Campitelli, a podiatrist. His blog serves to help runners learn how to train for runs, but without hurting themselves in the process. It is a valuable resource for anyone who runs.

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Running is important to many of us for many reasons. These running blogs will give you plenty of information and inspiration throughout the rest of 2016 and continuing beyond that.

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